Brevard County Deputy Accused of Attacking Wife

We look to the police to protect us from abusers and attackers, not to be the perpetrators of violence. A deputy in Brevard County has found himself on the wrong side of the law after allegedly throwing his estranged wife on the ground.

According to reports, a deputy for Brevard County entered into an argument with his wife on May 23. The argument occurred in the parking lot of the man’s apartment building. When police responded to the scene, the only story they received was from the deputy because his wife had left the scene.

The deputy told the officers that his daughter and wife were arguing. He said that he confronted his wife, surprised that she knew where he lived. The woman, said the deputy, became physically agitated, gesturing with her hands and scratching his sunglasses. In an attempt to restrain the woman, the pair fell to the ground.

The daughter told officers that her father had grabbed her mother by the wrist and threw her down. The daughter demonstrated the movements for officers. The deputy did not mention the physical confrontation to officers initially, telling them he only wanted her arrested for trespassing.

The deputy has been charged with armed battery because he was in uniform with possession of his weapon during the altercation. Because the pair are still married, the deputy is considered to have committed domestic violence.

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