Osceola County, Florida Divorce/Custody Matter A.L. v. E.L.

Summary: Prior to the filing for divorce, the Wife filed a Domestic Violence injunction against the Husband, in order to gain an upper hand against the Husband. In March 2015, the Wife filed a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage and within her Petition requested alimony along with a request for majority timesharing and sole parental READ MORE

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Orange County, Florida Out-of-State Registration of Custody Order/Emergency Custody Matter D.R. v. J.V.

 Summary: The Father in this action was always involved in the upbringing of the minor child and was the majority timesharing parent. The Father, the child, and the Mother all lived in New York. In January 2017, the Mother requested to take the minor child on a trip to visit her family in Florida. The Father READ MORE

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Orange County, Florida Paternity/Relocation Matter A.B. v. L.M.

Summary: In 2008, the Father filed a Petition for Establishment of Paternity to establish a time-sharing schedule, due to the Mother’s constant restriction of his time-sharing with the minor child. After much litigation, in October, 2009, the parties entered into a Mediation Agreement whereby each party was to have equal time-sharing with the minor child READ MORE

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Orange County, Florida Divorce/Long-Distance Custody Matter G.D. v. B.D.

Summary: In September 2013, the Wife filed her Petition for Dissolution of Marriage. During this time, the Wife was in communication with the Husband in regard to the parties’ debts and the minor child. The Wife attempted to have the Husband served at addresses she knew were not correct. The Wife ultimately obtained a default READ MORE

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