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Raising a child is expensive and children deserve financial support from both parents, regardless of the circumstances. Whether parents divorce or were never married, both parents are responsible for contributing to the costs of a child’s upbringing. This is true even if only parent is actively raising the child and the other has chosen not to be involved in the child’s life.

 The laws in Florida establish standard guidelines for child support and it is important for both mothers and fathers to know these laws and to assert their rights within the legal system. Ophelia Bernal-Mora and Andrew Nickolaou can help. Our husband-and-wife team started our firm, Orlando Family Team, to provide aggressive advocacy to clients facing child custody and support issues because we care deeply about helping children and families.

 We will stand beside you and fight for your rights to protect your child and your own financial situation. Our past results show our approach to client advocacy works, so you can count on us to help with all of your child support issues. Give us a call today to speak with an Orlando child support attorney about the services we offer.

Need a Child Support Attorney? Orlando Family Team can Help

Both parents should be represented by a child support attorney during a separation or a divorce when child support is an issue.

 If a custody arrangement changes or if your financial situation changes, getting legal help is also essential. Orlando Family Team represents parents trying to claim child support as well as parents who may be expected to pay. The services we offer include:

  • Obtaining a protective order against your abuser.

  • Paternity proceedings to establish who the father is so he can be required to pay to support a child.

  • Negotiating a plan for child custody and support outside of court.

  • Pursuing a claim to get support. A child is entitled to support from both parents, even if a prenuptial agreement says otherwise or even if one parent is not involved in a child’s life.

  • Child support modifications due to a change in circumstances such as a job loss, change in custody, or a child developing more costly needs.

  • Child support enforcement efforts.

These are just some of the many legal issues that an Orlando child support attorney can provide assistance with to both mothers and fathers.

 Our team has a deep understanding of child support laws and have successfully helped clients with all legal issues related to ensuring appropriate support payments are made.

Contact an Orlando Child Support Attorney Today

Child support laws need to protect both the child and the parent who is paying. If a parent can no longer afford support or if the parent is now caring for the child more frequently, a change needs to be made. If a child is not getting enough support, or any support, a court order is needed. Parents must work within the legal system to advocate for their children and to maintain their own financial security. An experienced attorney can help.

Call today to find out more about the personalized services we can provide to you if you need a child support attorney. Orlando Family Team has successfully represented both mothers and fathers arguing for their preferred child support amounts, and we can bring our extensive legal experience to your case. Give us a call now to learn more.


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