Growing Number of Singles Turning to Adoption

Growing Number of Singles Turning to Adoption

father holds the hand of a small childAn elementary school teacher in Central Florida is just one of a growing number of men in the country who are adopting children. The man is not unusual in his desire to adopt, but the situation is somewhat out of the ordinary: The man is single.

The teacher began by fostering the child he met when the boy was a student in the fourth grade. It was not always easy. The boy drilled holes in the wall of his foster parents’ apartment, pulled out his own hair and received failing grades in school. At one point, the teacher didn’t know if he could continue.

Just a short time later, the boy’s biological parents lost their parental rights and the boy was available for adoption. The 27-year-old teacher hesitated, feeling as though he didn’t know how to raise a child. Seeking guidance from a counselor, the teacher realized that the boy had made incredible progress under his care and that he was, in fact, behaving like a true father. That was all it took. The teacher is now the boy’s legal father.

This is just one example of what is becoming a growing story in the world of adoption. Single men are deciding to adopt at higher rates than ever before, though the actual percentage is still quite low when compared with traditional adoptions. Many people believe that single-parent adoptions are not possible, but they are.

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