Palm Beach Divorce Being Called “Epic”

Palm Beach Divorce Being Called “Epic”

One of the largest real estate empires in Palm Beach County is set to crumble as a divorce case gets underway. There are claims of plundering, lying and double dealing in a divorce that is being called “epic” and has eyes across the nation focused on its outcome.

After close to 70 years of marriage, Lucille Handelsman filed for divorce, saying she doesn’t want to be married to her husband any longer. The decision to file for divorce put a $500 million empire in limbo. The real estate power couple began their business from their kitchen in the 1950s and quickly amassed an extraordinary portfolio.

The female Handelsman claims that her husband was verbally abusive and has been having an affair with a 62-year-old friend of the family. It is a claim that the husband denies. Handelsman says that the pair have conspired against her, siphoning assets that belong to her and the couple’s adult children.

The judge in the case has recently granted the split and will now begin to determine how to divide the couple’s wealth. Time is of the essence, participants say, because the determination of percentage will depend on whether or not Mrs. Handelsman is living at the time of the decision. If she is still living, she could be entitled to 50 percent of the couple’s assets. If she passes away before the trial is over, however, her heirs would only be entitled to 30 percent.

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