What Questions Will Your Kids Ask About Divorce?

Kids are inherently curious. Parents are all too familiar with the staggering amount of questions kids can come up with on a seemingly unimaginable range of topics. It should then come as no surprise that your kids will have many questions after you tell them that you are getting divorced. Knowing this will happen and preparing for it, however, are two different things. Kids can ask some very difficult questions about divorce, a complex and delicate topic. To help you prepare for this line of questioning, we have rounded up some of the more common questions kids tend to ask about divorce.

What Questions Will Your Kids Ask About Divorce?

As your family sets out on a new chapter, it will be important that you give information that your children crave about what is going on regarding divorce. While the questions may be difficult, and even the simple ones can have complex answers, answering them as fully and directly as possible can be an important part of your child coping with the divorce and the divorce process. Preparing yourself and your answer to these questions can greatly help.

One of the first questions that may come out of your child’s mouth is, “Why are you getting divorced?” Yes, this is one of those seemingly simple questions which will likely not have a simple answer. Your first instinct may be to place all of the blame on your soon-to-be former spouse, especially as emotions can run high around divorce proceedings. Try to be as judicious as possible. Remember that it is almost always in the child’s best interest to have a positive relationship with both parents. Make it clear that the divorce is not the child’s fault and it is between you and your spouse.

It may surprise you, however, how most of the questions kids ask about divorce relate to their own everyday life. Divorce, after all, represents a big change and kids are going to want to know how those changes will impact them. Their minds will naturally turn to all the things they like about their own lives and the consistency of things that so many children crave. As such, you will likely get questions about what will change or not change in their life, including:

  • “Where am I going to live? “
  • “Will I live with both of you?”
  • “Will I go to the same school?”
  • “Can I still do all of my after-school activities?”
  • “Will I still get to see all of my friends?”

While the answer to many of these questions may be up in the air as your divorce is pending, try to give them as many quick, direct answers. Putting their mind at ease that you are going to try and keep as much as they want the same can be a big relief. You should also try and make this a two-way conversation so that you let your kids know that you care about them and value their input and perspective on things.

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