You’ve Decided You Want a Divorce, Now What?

Some people think about filing for divorce for years before they finally do it. Others make their decision in a matter of weeks. If you have had enough and you are ready to begin the divorce process, it is important to prepare yourself.

If this is the first time you have legally ended a marriage, you can protect yourself by taking the right steps. It’s not as easy, or as simple, as calling an attorney and getting the ball rolling. Here are the right steps to take once you’ve decided a divorce is in your immediate future

1. Control Yourself

Divorce is stressful. Deciding that you want a divorce can be overwhelming and cause feelings of anxiety or even fear. Controlling your emotions is the first step in the divorce process. This step does not mean that you need to shut off your feelings. In fact, you will be much more sensible about the process if you are as calm and emotionally stable as you can be. You are going to have important decisions to make, and you’ll want to be in the right state of mind to make them.

2. The More You Know

You don’t dive into anything without first researching it a bit. Your divorce should be no different. The more you understand about the process of divorce in your state, the better prepared you will be. Educate yourself and you stand a better chance of a positive outcome.

3. Know What Matters

What do you want out of your divorce? Take the time to sit down, think about what you want your life to look like once you are single and decide what matters to you. It’s difficult to come up with a divorce strategy when you don’t have an established goal. Yes, you are stressed and worried. Yes, you know that your life is going to change. However, your mindset will change, and your divorce will proceed more smoothly when you can manage the things you can control.

4. Logistics

You have a home right now. Will you stay in it? If not, where will you live? This is another detail that can help calm your nerves once it’s sorted out. Part of the fear of divorce lies in the unknown. When you make plans for your immediate future, you can relax a bit. Make a plan for sitters if you need them, a new home if you have to find one and more. Think about your day-to-day right now and how it may be impacted by not having a permanent partner in your life, then make some plans.

5. Gather Your Team

You are going to be more successful in your divorce if you don’t try to go through it alone. You should have more people on your side besides your divorce attorney, though having one is certainly essential. Determine who you are going to surround yourself with as your support team. Whether you have one good friend or a dozen, having people to support you is important.

If you need assistance with a divorce or other family law matter in Orlando, reach out to our team. We are happy to meet with you to discuss your needs and offer you legal advice.

About the Author
Andrew Nickolaou, Esq., B.C.S., is a founding partner at Bernal-Mora & Nickolaou, P.A. He practices almost exclusively in divorce, marital and family law. Andrew and his partner, Ophelia Bernal-Mora, Esq., B.C.S., joined forces in March 2016 to form the unique and boutique husband and wife family law team at Bernal-Mora & Nickolaou, P.A. Together, Andrew and Ophelia take a practical and team-based approach to all of their cases and clients to deliver the highest quality experience and representation.
Andrew Nickolaou

Andrew Nickolaou, Esq., B.C.S., is a founding partner at Bernal-Mora & Nickolaou, P.A. He practices almost exclusively in divorce, marital and family law. Andrew also handles record expungements and sealings. If you have questions about this article, contact Andrew today by clicking here.