Altamonte Springs, FL Family Law and Divorce Attorneys

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Dealing with matters related to family law can be overwhelming for anyone, including residents of Altamonte Springs. You may know the outcome you want, but be unaware the steps necessary to make it happen. From filing the appropriate paperwork to appearing in court, the process can be a confusing one. At Orlando Family Team, our attorneys are ready to stand by your side. It is our goal to ensure that you receive the best results possible.

The wife-and-husband team of Ophelia Bernal-Mora and Andrew Nickolau have years of combined experience in family law. When you choose to work with our law firm, you are getting two attorneys for the price of one. The two attorneys work every case together and never charge their clients double. Working closely with one another, they provide compassionate and dedicated representation for each of their clients.

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Dealing with a Divorce in Altamonte Springs, Florida

The process of divorce can be a complicated one no matter how amicable the couple remains. We understand that every divorce is unique and must be treated as such. Despite the unique circumstances surrounding your divorce, it will be classified one of two ways: contested and uncontested. If a judge hears a divorce proceeding and makes a determination regarding any issue, the divorce is considered contested. In an uncontested divorce, the couple has already made decisions regarding the issues in their particular case, including, but not limited to: division of assets, child custody and alimony.

It’s important to understand that Florida is a no-fault divorce state. That means that you are not forced to provide evidence of wrongdoing on the part of your spouse in order to be granted a divorce. If you do have evidence of wrongdoing, the judge in your case may consider that evidence when making certain determinations and rulings.

You may feel that you don’t need an attorney if your divorce is uncontested and amicable. While you may need less assistance than if your divorce was contested, you will still benefit from legal representation. An experienced attorney can help to ensure that your divorce is equitable and that you are not tempted to give into demands as time goes on. When you have an experienced Altamonte Springs divorce attorney representing you, you can be assured of a favorable outcome in your divorce. Call us today for a free case evaluation.

Family Law Beyond Divorce

Divorce is certainly one of the main reasons that people contact our office, but it is not the only area of family law Orlando Family Team handles. We can assist you and provide legal representation in a variety of kinds of cases, including:

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We can assist you if you are ready to get started with your divorce today, and we can provide you with more information if you are only considering your legal options. The Altamonte Springs family law attorneys at Orlando Family Team are here for you. Professional organizations such as AVVO rate both Ophelia Bernal-Mora and Andrew Nickolaou highly, thanks to their years of experience and excellent reputation in the community.

You do not have to deal with your family law issues on your own. No matter what you are facing, we are here to help you. Call our office today at (407) 413-8057 or contact us online to discover more about how we can assist you. Your initial case evaluation will be held at no cost to you, and you are never under any obligation to retain our services.