Orlando Family Team is dedicated to providing exceptional service and first-rate legal counsel for our clients. Husband and wife Andrew Nickolaou and Ophelia Bernal-Mora are seasoned attorneys who know just how difficult family matters, such as divorce and child custody, can be. Our team is ready to represent you in all areas related to family law in Orlando and the surrounding area.

We are proud of the results we get for our clients. Below, you can see what they have said about working with us. Any case results presented here are not indicative of the results you would see in your own case, as every case is unique.

See what some of our satisfied clients are saying:

Andrew recently helped me through the process of mediation and then divorce. I always felt that he listened to my concerns, and gave me honest and complete answers to my questions. He took away so much of the stress I was feeling about going through this process. He was able to guide me through mediation so that my ex-husband was not able to get any of my hard earned pension. His team was always quick to respond to my questions and concerns and I really felt like he and his team really cared about me as his client. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking a lawyer with his expertise.


Andrew is a very dedicated hard working individual. Andrew is very down to Earth and demonstrates compassion who listens very well. In my case we reached a settlement before the final hearing. Andrew will work extremely hard on your case no matter if you go to trial or settle in mediation. You really get the most for you dollar. Andrew will not sugar coat your case either. He will tell you the truth even if it is not what you want to hear. At the end of the day he works for you and will shoot you straight and will guide you down the path that will best fit your case. Thank you for all you have done.


Mr. Nickolaou had the unfortunate luck to have to take over my divorce case in the middle of proceedings. He didn’t miss a step. He took over, consulted with me, and provided the help and solutions I needed. Not only did he and his staff work very hard to ensure I was communicated with; but when the court system failed to notify me, he personally called and went over all my options with me. Mr. Nickolaou, at every step of the case, took time and energy needed to ensure I was comfortable with every decision. I appreciate greatly every minute of his time.


Ophelia and her firm handled my divorce and several post-dissolution issues after the fact. She is always honest and direct. I love that about her and the firm since they don’t sugar coat things like many other attorneys do. She is very realistic as to outcomes of my issues, is reasonable with her fees and is always looking out for my best interest. This is an attorney that cares. And her staff is amazing and always there to help. I completely recommend Ophelia Bernal-Mora.


Ophelia was very professional and personable in her dealing with me and my spouse. After 25 years of marriage, my divorce was extremely difficult for me. Ophelia was very patient and trustworthy. I interviewed 3 attorneys, after meeting with them, I was convinced that Ophelia would represent me not only in the most professional manner but with honesty and integrity. I was never concerned that she did not have my best interest at heart. She was prepared with concerns that the judge may have before the meeting. She presented all material in a very understandable and knowledgeable manner.


Attorney Nickolaou did wonders for me on my divorce case. I was impressed from the first contact I made with his office, and got a response within 15 minutes of me sending the online form. After spending over a half hour on the phone with me, I decided to hire him. He had all of my paperwork done within two days of hiring him and had my wife served in less than a week. From there he walked me through every step and came up with a settlement that was fair and worked for both my wife and I. This saved us likely months of going through a battle of divorce and seeing a judge. And not to mention probably thousands of dollars in costs.
Andrew and his staff were always attentive to my needs, my phone calls, questions, emails and everything you would expect when going through a divorce. I would absolutely recommend him for your divorce case.


Ophelia Bernal-Mora is a fantastic lawyer. I hired her for my divorce case and it was hands down the greatest decision I could have made. From the beginning, she was attentive to all of my questions and concerns I had, answered all of my questions, and went to work immediately.
Her staff is on top of everything and always available to assist. Going through the financial discovery was definitely frustrating, but Ophelia’s staff makes it much easier. Going through a divorce where it is not exactly on good terms is not fun, but Ophelia’s firm made it more bearable. She is also very personable and easy to relate to. At mediation, she was able to calm me down and keep me level headed. In court, she was a bulldog when needed and it shows that she knows the judges and other attorneys well and is respected.
Everything was done in order like she had told me would happen months prior at our initial meeting. She clearly knows her stuff and has been doing this for a while. Yet, with someone so experienced and in demand, there was never a time that I could not get an answer from her, a return call or email. Most importantly, for a father going through divorce with two kids, she was reasonably affordable.
At the end, I was able to get the results I was seeking and then some. I am extremely happy with Ophelia’s representation and would recommend her to anyone looking for a divorce attorney for themselves or family or friends.


I hired Ms. Bernal-Mora Nickolaou and Mr. Nickolaou for my divorce. Her and Mr. Nickolaou are a husband and wife family law firm and provide a great unique experience since they both use that to actively work together on their cases. At any given moment, i feel like I could have talked with either of them about my case as they both were completely involved and aware of the current status. Their firm is a very hands on and team focused firm where they work together to help which I liked. The other great thing is that I essentially got two highly experienced family law attorneys for the price of one as they never “double-billed” me for both working on the case. I have worked with law firms in the past (not for family law) where was billed for the time of every attorney in the room. They both were with me at mediation which lasted all day and we were able to get a great resolution. I am now newly divorced and very happy with Ms. Bernal-Mora Nickolaou and Mr. Nickolaou. Highly recommended for anyone that is in the unfortunate need of this type of attorney.


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