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When it comes to protecting the relationships that matter in your life, you need to find a caring, compassionate and knowledgeable family law attorney. Orlando Family Team is a trusted firm with a long history of satisfied clients and a commitment to helping your family in good times and bad.

Whether you’re going through a divorce or separation, adopting a child, making a parenting plan, are being victimized by domestic violence, or are facing any other family law issues, we can provide the representation you need.

Our firm is truly a family firm, as our husband-and-wife team has spent decades fighting for the rights of Orlando parents, step-parents, husbands, wives, grandparents, and children.

Together, Ophelia Bernal-Mora and Andrew Nickolaou created our firm to aggressively represent your interests in all types of family law cases in Central Florida so we can help ensure you are able to protect your financial future and the relationships that matter most in your life. Call us now to find out about the services we can offer you.

Need a Family Law Attorney? Orlando Family Team Has You Covered

Many situations that arise in your life that lead you to a family law attorney. Orlando Family Team is there for all of them. Our legal team can help you with:

  • Mediated divorces

  • Litigated divorces
  • High net worth divorces
  • Legal separations
  • Separation agreements
  • Paternity disputes
  • Domestic violence cases
  • Child support claims
  • Child support enforcement

  • Child support modification

  • Father’s rights cases

  • Alimony issues

  • Name changes

  • Stepparent adoption

The approach we take in every case is tailored to your needs. Whether we use our negotiation skills to help you achieve the best possible agreement on divorce issues or custody outside of court, or whether we fight aggressively for your rights during litigation, we will dedicate ourselves to ensuring the law protects your rights.

Throughout the process, we communicate with you regularly, focus on affordability and are always here and ready to answer questions you have or address any concerns that arise. We know how important your family is, we treat your case with the importance it deserves, and our family works together to ensure your family bonds stay strong.

Orlando Family Law Attorney Frequently Asked Questions

Dissolution is the term currently used in Florida to refer to “dissolving the marriage partnership.” In practical effect, it has the same general understanding as the word “divorce,” but divorce focused on the conduct of the parties which caused the marriage to fail. When Florida changed to a no-fault system, the terminology changed also to reflect the new standards.

In a no-fault divorce, however, both parties agree that the marriage ending is not the fault of either party; it is simply no longer salvageable. Misconduct on the part of either spouse isn't relevant to the divorce itself, though it could possibly play a role in the decision to award alimony or child custody.
A divorce filing requires a petition, financial affidavit, and various supporting documents. The divorce petition is similar to any other type of lawsuit. But in this particular situation you are suing your spouse for a divorce. Like any other type of lawsuit, you must prepare all your divorce paperwork, file it with the clerk of court, and then arrange to have a process server personally hand everything to your spouse. You must have a Summons included with the divorce petition, and a certified process server must always personally serve it on the opposing party.

Every county has a slightly different procedure on filing requirement. But one thing in common between various counties is the filing fee, currently $408 as of this writing, and the summons issuance fee, currently $10 as of this writing. You will also incur a cost for the process server.   Some counties immediately schedule a case management conference upon filing your new Petition for Dissolution of Marriage. Other counties wait for you to schedule necessary events. The case management conference (CMC) is primarily a way for a judge to see the current “status” of the case and to push it along if possible. Major decisions are normally never made at the CMC. But if your case is uncontested, you have all your paperwork filed, and the judge is in agreement, you may be able to finalize your case at the CMC.
Mediation is a technique used to encourage and facilitate resolution of the issues in your dissolution, such as dividing your assets and liabilities and what to do about the kids. The mediator is a neutral party who works with both sides during the course of the mediation to try to problem solve. Mediators cannot give the parties legal advice, even though many of them are family law practitioners. Mediators cannot order the parties to take any particular action, but if the parties are able to resolve some or all of their issues, the mediator will reduce the agreement to writing and have both parties sign it.

Mediation is a mandatory proceeding in family law cases. The majority of family law cases do settle at mediation or shortly thereafter. The Court will not set your matter for final hearing (trial) unless you have been to mediation.
Modification is the process where parties who already have a final judgment seek to change the terms of the final judgment. If the parties agree on the changes, they can enter into an agreement which is then submitted to the Court for approval. If the changes pertain to the children, then the Court must determine that the changes are best for the children.

If the parties cannot agree to the changes, then the party desiring the change can file a petition for modification, explaining the changes sought and the reasoning behind the request. The parties will again have to attend mediation before a final hearing is held on the modification request, but if the parties cannot agree the Court will conduct a final hearing to receive testimony and evidence, and then issue a ruling.
Florida has a table of income levels that determine the amount of child support for a given number of children. The primary figure used to calculate support is the income of both parents. Certain expenses also go into the calculation such as taxes, health insurance, and employment related daycare costs.

Use this tool to calculate child support payments in Florida:
In Florida, a judge will begin the assessment of custody rights with the assumption that each parent will have equal time with the children and equal responsibilities and decision-making power (unless there is evidence that this arrangement would be unfavorable to the child). Then the judge considers circumstances that will impact an equal sharing arrangement. For example, when developing a timesharing plan, these include both parent’s work schedule and location of each parent, the child’s school schedule and location, the living arrangements of each parent (living alone, with roommates, a significant other) and similar circumstances. Lifestyle choices can also play a critical role in determining the proper parenting plan. If one parent exhibits a pattern of irresponsible behavior or social habits that may be deemed harmful to a child, that parent is likely to receive less time and less decision-making authority for their child.
In Florida, alimony may be granted to either the husband or wife and is based on one party’s needs and the other party’s ability to pay. If a divorce leaves one spouse without an income or ability to support themselves and the other spouse has sufficient income, then alimony may be granted to the spouse who is unable to support themselves. Sometimes alimony is a temporary arrangement. This can occur when the receiving spouse gains new employment and/or financial independence. Permanent alimony may continue until the receiving spouse remarries or either spouse dies. In Florida, alimony can also be determined in a lump sum, if the judge overseeing the case deems it necessary and applicable.
In Florida, during a divorce proceeding, both parties are each required to complete a family law financial affidavit which provides detailed insights on all levels of income, expenses, assets and liabilities. This document often plays a major role in the dissolution proceeding and each party should prepare it under the careful advice and counsel of an experienced divorce attorney. The parties are also required to exchange other financial information including past tax returns, pay-stubs, financial statements, bank account statements, pension plan statements, insurance certificates and documents supporting a special equity claim. Mandatory disclosures are done to assure that both parties and the court are fully informed on all issues regarding assets, liabilities and income. The mandatory disclosure must be served within 45 days from the date of filing for divorce/seeking relief from the Florida family court.
The forms on this website are all approved for use in Orange County family court; which are free. There are also some automated forms interviews you can use for some of the common kinds of court filings. The Pro-Doc Document Assembly Systems can assist you with completing the necessary forms you'll need in court, or when speaking with an attorney, after you answer some basic questions. If you live in a different Florida county, you can find forms appropriate for you county by visiting the State of Florida Self-Help Website.

Our Commitment to Fighting for Your Rights

We are a trusted husband-and-wife team with a long track record of successfully representing clients. Our past reviews and extensive credentials can give you the confidence to know your case is in the very best hands.

The commitment that we make to every client is to provide aggressive representation with compassion. We know that divorces, child relocations, legal separations and adoptions are some of the most emotional times in your life. We understand that your family is changing in important ways and we want to be there to help ensure the law works for you to protect and strengthen your family bonds and financial security.

Contact a Family Law Attorney in Orlando Today

Custody, divorce, and adoption are some of the most important legal issues that arise in any individual’s life. Your financial future and your chance to be a part of your children’s lives hinge on the outcome of your family law case. Whatever your situation, our compassionate husband and wife team will provide aggressive representation to protect your interests. Let our family be there to help your family. Give us a call today to find out how we can fight for you.

Client Review

By: Katie

Ophelia and her firm handled my divorce and several post-dissolution issues after the fact. She is always honest and direct. I love that about her and the firm since they don’t sugar coat things like many other attorneys do. She is very realistic as to outcomes of my issues, is reasonable with her fees and is always looking out for my best interest. This is an attorney that cares. And her staff is amazing and always there to help. I completely recommend Ophelia Bernal-Mora.!

Rating: ★★★★★5 / 5 stars


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