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When you are going through a divorce or other family legal matter, it is important to have an an attorney on your site who is sympathetic to your needs and will fight aggressively for your rights. Orlando Family Team was cofounded by husband-and-wife Andrew Nickolaou and Ophelia Bernal-Mora. Together, they handle every case personally.

With over a decade of combined experience, Ophelia and Andrew have never seen two family law cases that were exactly the same. Yet, some law firms stick to a formula for representing clients, often disregarding the details of individual situations. We know that going through a divorce, figuring out child custody agreements and dealing with other family matters can be messy and confusing.

We offer a wealth of resources to you, whether you are a client or simply considering your legal options. Our blog is full of news and general information regarding Orlando family law. In addition, some of the most common questions you may have are answered below. You can also see some of the most commonly used family law terms in our glossary. For current clients, you can login here and, if needed, easily make a payment.

Though we try to provide as much information as possible, you may still have questions about your own unique circumstances. Call us today at (407) 354-5223 or contact us online  for a free, no-obligation consultation.




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