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If a child is born to unmarried parents, complicated paternity issues can arise. Both mothers and fathers have an interest in establishing who the father is in the eyes of the law. Orlando Family Team can represent either parent in proving paternity.

Paternity cases should be initiated as soon as possible after a child is born, and once paternity is established, other legal issues related to custody and support may need to be resolved.

Mothers and fathers should ensure they get the right legal advice throughout this process from a compassionate and knowledgeable paternity attorney. Orlando Family Team has a long track record of successfully representing clients throughout Central Florida in paternity proceedings and the legal cases that follow.

Our firm is a husband-and-wife team which offers not only aggressive representation, but also compassionate advice. Ophelia Bernal-Mora and Andrew Nickolaou fight for your rights and, throughout the process, we keep you informed and are here to answer your questions and address your concerns.

Give us a call today to find out about our long track record of helping clients in paternity proceedings and to find out about the personalized service we can offer.

Need a Paternity Attorney? Orlando Family Team Can Help

Paternity proceedings are important whenever the legal relationship between a child and his or her father must be established. Both a mother and a father can initiate paternity proceedings. Paternity can be established through DNA testing, and a court order can ensure this testing will take place.

Establishing paternity is vital if a father wants to claim rights to a child. Paternity matters if a mother wants to give a child up for adoption, as a father must consent. A man who has established paternity also has the right to petition for full custody or shared custody of a child, and can prevent a mother from relocating a child without his permission or permission from the court.

Establishing paternity is also vital for a mother, even if the father is not interested in being a parent or will not be involved in the child’s life. Every child is entitled to financial support from both parents so a mother can claim child support after paternity has been established.

Mothers and fathers must both know how to initiate paternity proceedings and what the official legal process is to establish paternity. An Orlando paternity attorney at Orlando Family Team can take care of the legal formalities on your behalf.

Ophelia Bernal-Mora and Andrew Nickolau can file the appropriate paperwork, address all legal requirements every step of the way, and help you to deal with the legal implications of a paternity determination, including both child custody and child support cases.

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The law protects the rights of children by ensuring that fathers can assert a claim to those children and build strong relationships. The law also protects children by giving mothers the rights to prove paternity and obtain child support.

You need an Orlando paternity attorney to assert your legal rights, and Orlando Family Team is the firm to turn to for help. To find out about the ways in which Ophelia Bernal-Mora and Andrew Nickolau can assist you with paternity and related legal issues, contact us a call today.