Growing Number of Singles Turning to Adoption

An elementary school teacher in Central Florida is just one of a growing number of men in the country who are adopting children. The man is not unusual in his desire to adopt, but the situation is somewhat out of the ordinary: The man is single. The teacher began by fostering the child he met READ MORE

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Study: Why Women Are More Likely to Initiate a Divorce

Statistics have shown that women are more likely than men to initiate a divorce. Men may be more likely to initiate a breakup or separation, but it's the woman in the relationship who tends to make the decision to formally end things. Women give many reasons for wanting a divorce, but there are five that READ MORE

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Orlando Police Officer Arrested for Domestic Violence

We expect the police to protect us, not harm us. That's why it's often so shocking when we hear of a police officer arrested for a crime. Unfortunately, it has happened in Orlando where a police officer was arrested after being accused of domestic violence. A 42-year-old officer was arrested by the Seminole County Sheriff's READ MORE

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Be Wary — Divorce Advice is Everywhere

If you are in the process of a divorce, you may be getting well-intentioned advice from friends and family. You may have turned to the Internet to conduct a bit of research on your own. You may even be listening to the advice of strangers on social media. Be careful. When people are going through READ MORE

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Domestic Violence Focus After National Tragedies

It is reported that approximately every nine seconds, a woman in the United States is beaten or assaulted. Every minute of the day, 20 people are victimized by their intimate partner. In a single year, more than 10 million people are abused by a partner or loved one. Domestic violence reaches outside the home, and READ MORE

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What to Know Before You Change Your Name

In the United States, you are legally permitted to change your name for virtually any reason you wish. In most cases, people change their names due to a marriage or divorce. In other cases, children have their last names changed to reflect that of a step- or adoptive parent. Changing your name in Florida is actually READ MORE

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Golfer Settles Divorce in Florida

Golf pro Lee Westwood was set to take his divorce from his former wife to trial but reached a settlement at what some are calling the last minute. The settlement means that the divorce won't require a long, drawn out trial. According to reports, the Florida divorce had a great potential to get ugly. The READ MORE

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Calculating Alimony in Florida

When you are considering divorce in Florida, one of the first things on your mind may be how you are going to support yourself with one income. You may even be worried because that income will be less than what you have become accustomed to. In some Florida divorces, alimony is ordered by judges so READ MORE

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Divorce Hits Home for Orlando Mayor

After 29 years of marriage, Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer and his wife are ending their union. The mayor told the Orlando Sentinel that the pair have been separated for some time. He also told a reporter that there was no malice, and the pair have remained in each other's lives. Mayor Dyer officially filed for READ MORE

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