Residents of Kissimmee, Florida, who are going through a divorce or other family law matter often find the process to be daunting. Legal pleadings, court hearings, and dealing with lawyers can be stressful. On top of that, your life is about to change in a fundamental way. If you’re going through a divorce or other family law matter in the Kissimmee area, you can count on Orlando Family Team. Whether your case is amicable or contentious, we will defend your rights and fight for a fair and reasonable outcome. Call us today for a free consultation.

Understanding Your Family Law Issue In Kissimmee, Florida

Divorce may be contested or uncontested, depending on whether the spouses are agreeable. A contested divorce is one in which the spouses cannot work out their differences and must have a judge weigh in. On the other hand, some parties can resolve their family law cases with little involvement from the courts. For these couples, their best option is a separation agreement.

One obvious benefit of using a separation agreement is that the spouses can decide for themselves what will happen with most issues arising out of their marriage. This is generally preferable to having the decision made by a judge who doesn’t know you. Plus, separation agreements reduce stress and time spent working on the divorce, and they are usually cheaper.

Whether you go to court or not, divorce will mean more than simply ending the marriage. Other issues such as child support, child custody, property and debt division, and alimony must also be decided. You may be able to resolve some issues using a separation agreement, while reserving more contentious ones for court.

Property and debt division (known in Florida as equitable distribution) and alimony are unique to married couples. But child custody and child support can affect anyone with children, whether they are married or not. These are often the most emotional aspects of divorce. You may be worried that you won’t be able to see your child, or you could be in need of support from a parent who isn’t willing to pay. Orlando Family Team is here to help you through these difficult matters.

Divorce Issues For Spouses In Kissimmee, Florida

If you and your spouse are headed for divorce, you will need to address these issues, among possible others:

Property And Debt Division. During marriage, you and your spouse acquired marital property and debt. Once you divorce, someone gets a claim to the property, and responsibility for the debt. That’s where the process of equitable distribution comes in. Equitable distribution is a way of dividing assets and liabilities between spouses that is fair. It only applies to marital property, while separate property is generally excluded from the process.

Bear in mind that “equitable” does not mean equal, so you cannot assume the court will split everything down the middle. Instead, the judge will consider numerous statutory factors to arrive at what it considers to be a fair and reasonable outcome. You need an experienced family law attorney who knows what arguments to make to the court so you can end up with the best results.

Child Custody And Child Support. Couples – married and unmarried alike – will need to address child custody and child support if they have children together. Some couples can come to terms with their separation, put aside their differences, and agree to a compromise. But in many cases, the parents simply cannot agree on how to split time with the child and how much the child needs for living expenses.

Child custody will be decided with the best interests of the child in mind. Even if the parties can agree with each other on how to share custody, a court can always invalidate that decision if it believes it is not in the child’s best interests. If you are being denied custody, or you believe the other parent is unfit to have it, you need the skilled attorneys of Orlando Family Team.

Child support will be calculated based on Florida’s child support guidelines. These guidelines take the parents’ respective incomes into account, along with other factors. One common concern in child support cases is that the responsible parent is deliberately not working or not earning as much money to try to evade his or her obligation. But paying parents often worry that the parent receiving child support is exaggerating the child’s needs or misrepresenting their income. Orlando Family Team can represent you, whether you are the paying or receiving parent.

Alimony. Starting over after a divorce is exceptionally difficult for many spouses. If you were married for many years, you may have given up your job to support the household or help your spouse with his or her career. Supporting spouses, meanwhile, sometimes believe the other spouse is demanding too much. We will fight to make sure that whichever side you are on, the outcome is fair.

Other Issues We Handle In Kissimmee, Florida

Orlando Family Team also represents clients in the following matters:

  • Father’s rights
  • Agreement modifications
  • Contempt of court
  • High net worth divorces
  • Mediation
  • Paternity issues
  • Domestic violence
  • Name changes
  • Stepparent adoption

Family Law Is Difficult – We Make It Easier

If you’re dealing with a divorce or other family law matter, you deserve skilled and dedicated legal representation. You deserve Orlando Family Team. Schedule a free consultation with us today to explore your options.