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In Orange County and throughout Florida, divorce is as complex as it is common.  For this reason, it is essential to have an experienced divorce attorney to help protect your best interests. What makes divorce complex, especially if there are children involved, is that it involves physical, financial, and emotional challenges. 

At Orlando Family Team, we understand these challenges in depth, having dealt with them hundreds of times. While no two divorcing families are identical, similar issues come up again and again. Our experienced divorce attorneys are not only knowledgeable and skilled but have developed highly successful methods to help you navigate the divorce process.

We find that many divorce cases can be settled through negotiation or mediation, saving both parties the costs and delays of litigation. Nonetheless, we are always prepared to take your case to court if the situation warrants it.

Grounds for Divorce in Orange County

Florida has only two grounds for divorce: [1] the marriage is irretrievably broken or [2] one of the parties is mentally incapacitated. This means that there is no necessity to prove any type of misconduct on the part of either spouse to dissolve the marriage. 

Even so, you will require the services of one of our capable divorce attorneys to protect your rights when it comes to the following matters:

Division of Marital Property

All property accumulated by a couple during the marriage is considered marital property. This includes the family home, other real estate, bank accounts, investments, retirement accounts, and businesses. Debts accumulated during the marriage must also be divided. 

If the spouses cannot agree on a settlement and there is no prenuptial agreement in place, the distribution of marital property will have to be settled in court according to state laws of equitable distribution. If this occurs, you need a sharp divorce attorney at your side.

Child Custody/Parenting Time

For couples with children, child custody is often the issue that causes the most pain and conflict. This is particularly true if there are allegations of abuse or neglect. Our child custody lawyers know how difficult and disturbing matters of child custody and parenting time can be and will pull out all the stops to protect your children and defend your rights. 

At the same time, we have seen cases in which accusations of abuse are used to manipulate divorce negotiations. If this is a factor in your case, we will fight hard to safeguard your rights and your reputation. 

No matter what the specifics of your child custody issue are, we are well-equipped to work out an arrangement that takes your schedule and the best interests of your children into account. If we can’t resolve the issue through negotiations alone, we are always prepared to fight for your rights in court.

Child Support

Whether married or not, all parents are legally obligated to provide their children with financial support. In most cases, the parent with the higher income will be required to pay child support to the other parent. Though, many factors play a part in child support negotiations, such as the number of children each parent has and whether a child has special needs. 

Once again, whether you are the payor or the payee in a child support matter, if we cannot get you fair treatment at the negotiating table, we are ready to provide you with excellent legal representation at trial. Our primary goal is always to protect the safety and well-being of you and your children. 

Spousal Maintenance 

Though spousal maintenance (formerly known as alimony) is no longer considered routine, there are times when it is vital. For example, if one spouse has been at home with young children for years and does not yet have qualifications for employment, the earning spouse will probably be expected to provide at least temporary spousal support. 

There are also situations in which one spouse is elderly or disabled and unable to work. In such cases, the wage-earning spouse will likely be required to provide ongoing spousal maintenance. Whatever the circumstances, you will need a strong spousal support attorney to fight for your rights.

Divorce Mediation in Orange County

Since litigation is expensive and time-consuming, many couples are now considering divorce mediation as a good alternative. Not only is mediation cost-effective, but it is also much less confrontational and therefore less stressful to everyone involved, including children in the family.

During mediation, a neutral party (the mediator) who is specially trained to work diplomatically with both spouses, moves them gently in the direction of compromise and resolution. Because the mediator is committed to working out a solution without taking sides, however, it is a good idea for each spouse to have a separate divorce attorney to evaluate the mediation from their perspective and provide the legal advice the mediator is not permitted to offer.

It should be noted that while mediation has many benefits, it is not appropriate in all cases, for example, if the divorce involves accusations of hidden finances or domestic abuse. 

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No matter how complex your divorce case is, Orlando Family Team is here to help. We have the skill set and understanding to get you and your children through this process with the least disturbance possible. Contact us now to begin seeing a secure and promising future.