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Ending a marriage affects every aspect of your life, from your future financial situation to the time you spend with your children. As you close the book on one chapter and move on to the next phase of your life, you need an Orlando divorce attorney who can help to ensure your future is bright.

Orlando Family Team is a full-service family law firm which Ophelia Bernal-Mora and Andrew Nickolaou created to provide aggressive representation to individuals going through the divorce process. Our husband-and-wife team approaches every divorce case with a commitment to helping our clients protect their property, protect their relationship with their children, and get the support they need going forward. Call today to find out how we can help you throughout the divorce process.

How Can an Orlando Divorce Attorney Help You?

Every marriage is different, and every divorce must be different as well. You have goals for what you want your life to look like after divorce, and our firm will help you to achieve them. We create a personalized approach to address the issues that arise in your divorce and our legal team makes the divorce process as stress-free as possible by handling legal issues on your behalf.

Services that Orlando Family Team can provide to you during your divorce include:

  • Representation during mediation. If you turn to a mediator or collaborative divorce coach to help you reach an out-of-court settlement, we represent you and protect your rights during the process.

  • Divorce settlement negotiation: We negotiate on your behalf with your spouse’s attorney to try to reach an out-of-court agreement on custody, support, and property division. Out-of-court solutions are often better for everyone and less costly.

  • Legal separation agreements: If you need an agreement during your divorce before your marriage is dissolved, we can help you to negotiate and draft one.

  • Child custody plans: If you can create a parenting plan to share custody, this results in less stress and better outcomes for your kids. We can help.

  • Alimony/ spousal support negotiation: We help you to come to an agreement on what support will be paid, and the duration of support.

  • Property division: Our legal team works with you and your spouse to find ways to divide up shared property so you can protect the assets that matter.

  • Litigated divorce: If your divorce issues must be decided by a family court judge, we are prepared and ready to argue aggressively on your behalf in court.

At every step, we are here to answer your questions and address your concerns. We communicate with you regularly keep you updated on the progress of your case and stand by your side during the negotiations and court hearings that determine what your future looks like.

Contact an Orlando Divorce Attorney Today

The right time to contact a lawyer is when you begin thinking about separation or divorce. Let Orlando Family Team can explain Florida divorce laws and help you to understand what your life might look like after divorce so you can decide how you want to move forward.

When you’re ready to begin the process, we will be there with you every step of the way. With our blend of compassionate advice and aggressive representation, you can feel confident knowing your divorce is in good hands. Give us a call today to find out more about the personalized services we can provide.


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