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In Florida, equitable distribution rules determine how property is divided during a divorce. Knowing these rules is vital to ensure you get your fair share of marital property. A lot is at stake when a marriage ends, and your financial security could hang in the balance. Let Orlando Family Team help.

An Orlando equitable distribution attorney can explain what equitable distribution means and why it matters to you. Ophelia Bernal-Mora and Andrew Nickolaou formed our firm to help our clients ensure the law works for them so every client can get a fair division of marital property and protect the assets that matter.

Orlando Family Team is a husband-and-wife team of family law attorneys who represent men and women in divorce cases. Whether you negotiate an out-of-court settlement on property division or litigate the issue, our firm will ensure you get your fair share of the money and property acquired during your marriage.

Our long history of successfully representing clients in Central Florida proves our approach works to help husbands and wives make equitable distribution laws work for them. Give us a call today to find out more.

How can an Equitable Distribution Attorney Help You?

When you divorce in Florida, equitable distribution rules are the legal rules that determine how your property is divided. Equitable does not mean equal. You are not necessarily entitled to 50% of all property acquired during the marriage, as you would be if you lived in other states like California.

Instead, you’re entitled to an equitable, or fair, share of all property acquired during the marriage and each spouse gets to keep “separate” property which he owned prior to the union. Equitable distribution rules aim to divide up marital property in a reasonable way.

The laws on equitable distribution outline a number of different factors considered in determining what a fair division of assets is. The length of your marriage matters, and the contributions- both financial and otherwise – that each spouse made to the marriage are also important.

Understanding how equitable distribution works is complicated, but it can be important. If you are trying to negotiate a division of property outside of court yourself, you need to know what you should be entitled to so you can compromise on a reasonable division of property and claim your fair share.

If you are going to court and asking a judge to decide, you need to know how to make strong legal arguments for what you believe is an equitable division of property acquired while you were wed.

Contact an Orlando Equitable Distribution Attorney Today

The division of your property matters when your marriage ends. Equitable distribution rules can protect your right to receive your fair share of property, but it is up to you to assert your interests in a divorce settlement negotiations or to make a solid case in court for your preferred property division. Orlando Family Team can help.

Our equitable distribution attorneys have secured the property rights of many clients through Central Florida and we are ready to aggressively represent your interests as you fight for your fair share of marital property. Give us a call today to find out about the compassionate, skillful legal representation we can offer you.


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