Orlando High Net Worth Divorce Attorney

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Divorce is always complicated, but especially when there are many assets at stake. High net worth divorces can take much longer and be much more expensive than divorces where the spouses own less property. Complicated issues can also come up related to valuations of businesses or the possibility of hidden assets.

If you are ending a marriage and there is a lot of money and property involved, it is vital you reach out to an experienced high net worth divorce attorney as early in the process as possible. Orlando Family Team is here to help.

Our husband-and-wife team of attorneys has represented many wealthy families in Central Florida and both Ophelia Bernal-Mora and Andrew Nickolaou have the knowledge and legal skill to aggressively represent your interests when a lot of money is at stake.

How can an Orlando High Net Worth Divorce Attorney Help You?

When you end a marriage and you own a lot of assets, protecting your wealth is vital to maintaining your quality of life and ensuring a secure future. Issues of both property division and spousal support must be addressed in a high net worth divorce. There may also be concerns about the applicability and validity of a prenuptial agreement that may have been signed prior to marriage.

Not every attorney has the unique skill set necessary to address the issues that arise in high net worth divorces cases our firm, Orlando Family Team, has a long-track record of successfully representing clients when a lot of money is at stake. We can assist you with:

  • Finding hidden assets and working with forensic accountants.
  • Arguing for or against the enforcement of prenuptial agreements.
  • Interpreting clauses in premarital and post-marital agreements.
  • Securing valuations of business interests and other valuable assets and investments.
  • Negotiating on the issues on property division and alimony/ spousal support.
  • Litigating in family court if a judge must decide on property division.
  • Addressing tax implications associated with property division and spousal support.
  • Securing access to pension benefits and retirement funds through the use of qualified domestic relations orders.
  • Protecting separate property acquired before marriage or acquired with separate assets during marriage.

These are just some of the many issues that frequently arise in high net worth divorces that our firm is uniquely qualified to assist you with. Ophelia Bernal-Mora and Andrew Nickolaou started our firm to provide the type of aggressive, comprehensive legal advice that families need, and we are passionate about protecting our clients. We know how much is at stake in high net worth divorces and we have the experience necessary to help you get the best outcomes.

Contact an Experienced High Net Worth Divorce Attorney

Ophelia Bernal-Mora and Andrew Nickolaou can help you not only with the financial issues raised by a high net worth divorce, but also with child custody and family matters that occur in any divorce. Our representation is tailored to meet your family’s needs and we provide the committed, knowledgeable advocacy necessary to ensure you achieve the best outcomes.

When protecting your wealth and your family is important during a divorce, you can count on Orlando Family Team. Give us a call today to find out more about how a high net worth divorce attorney in Central Florida can help you.