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Highly recommended

I hired Ms. Bernal-Mora Nickolaou and Mr. Nickolaou for my divorce. Her and Mr. Nickolaou are a husband and wife family law firm and provide a great unique experience since they both use that to actively work together on their cases. At any given moment, i feel like I could have talked with either of them about my case as they both were completely involved and aware of the current status. Their firm is a very hands on and team focused firm where they work together to help which I liked. The other great thing is that I essentially got two highly experienced family law attorneys for the price of one as they never “double-billed” me for both working on the case. I have worked with law firms in the past (not for family law) where was billed for the time of every attorney in the room. They both were with me at mediation which lasted all day and we were able to get a great resolution. I am now newly divorced and very happy with Ms. Bernal-Mora Nickolaou and Mr. Nickolaou. Highly recommended for anyone that is in the unfortunate need of this type of attorney.

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