If you are coping with family law issues or are facing the prospect of divorce, it is essential that you contact a family law firm with a track record of successful outcomes. When you consult with the husband/wife Orlando Family Team, you can count on being treated with consideration and respect. We know how difficult this time in your life is; more than that, we know ways to make it easier.

How Our Osceola Family Law Attorneys Can Help

We have extensive experience dealing with the process and consequences — physical, emotional, and financial — of splitting up a couple, and, in many cases, a family. We know how hard it is to not feel overwhelmed when your intimate relationship is failing and your world seems to be falling apart.

Savvy negotiators, we know precisely how and when to take an aggressive stance to protect your rights and look out for your best interests. When necessary, we are forceful, successful litigators. When you come to Orlando Family Team, you are consulting with a compassionate husband and wife team sensitive to the needs of a family in the midst of a painful realignment. You can trust us to provide the caring personal attention you need. 

Understanding Divorce in Osceola County

The requirements for divorce in Florida are quite simple. The dissolution of the marriage can be based on one of two grounds: “irretrievable breakdown of the marriage” or a judge’s declaration of mental incapacity on the part of one of the spouses for a period of 3 years. Also, at least one of the spouses must have lived in the state for at least 6 months before a divorce petition is filed.

Uncontested or Contested Divorce

As in many states, divorce in Florida can be uncontested or contested. The former means that both parties are in agreement about key issues of the divorce — division of property, alimony child custody and support — whereas the latter means there is serious work to be done to arrive at a reasonable agreement satisfactory to both spouses. It’s important to be aware that having a well-respected divorce attorney is essential in either situation since no matter how amicable the two parties are, their best interests are not identical. When you engage the services of Orlando Family Team, we will leverage our comprehensive knowledge of divorce law and our powers of diplomatic negotiation to protect your interests and the interests of your children, not only in the present but going forward into the uncharted waters of the future. 

Though we believe strongly that, whenever possible, it is best to reach agreements for divorce without putting couples and/or families through the stress of a courtroom procedure, we are well-equipped to fight vigorously for you if litigation is necessary. Since a divorce will not be granted until a parenting plan is approved by both parents, it is crucial that we work out child custody, support, and visitation to move your divorce forward. If we don’t, the court will make such determinations without your consent.

Decisions Made Before a Divorce

In most cases, especially if the marriage has lasted for many years, the decisions that have to be made before a divorce can be finalized are challenging. Marriages involving children, large amounts of accumulated wealth, widespread income or age disparities between spouses, or incapacity of one spouse tend to be more complicated. Nonetheless, Orlando Family Team’s experienced divorce attorneys will assist you in dealing with:

Distribution of Property — Florida divorce law stipulates equitable distribution of marital property, including real estate, investments, retirement accounts, bank accounts and debts. “Equitable” means that the marital property needn’t be divided 50-50, but rather in a fair and reasonable manner. Marital property is defined as property that the couple has amassed since the marriage and excludes property each spouse brought to the marriage, gifts given to one specific spouse during the marriage, private inheritances, and settlements of one spouse’s personal injury claim.

Spousal Support (Alimony) — Once commonly awarded as part of divorce agreements, spousal support is now usually part of the process only when: [1] one spouse earns a great deal more than the other [2] one spouse needs education or training to become a wage earner [3] one spouse is considerably older than the other, is disabled or in poor health. 

Child Custody — Child custody is most often the sticking point in divorce negotiations. Two basic arrangements are possible: sole custody with time-sharing (visitation) by the noncustodial parent and joint custody where the children spend approximately half their time with each parent. Joint custody arrangements depend on how far apart the parents live and whether they reside in the same school district. Responsibility and flexibility are the keystones to making a joint custody workable.

Child Support — In Osceola County, as throughout the nation, all parents are legally responsible for supporting their children. Factors to be considered when calculating reasonable child support payments are: [1] parental incomes [2] number of children in the marriage [3] whether either parent has children outside the marriage [4] whether any children of the marriage have special educational or healthcare needs.

Generally, if one parent has sole custody, the noncustodial pays support to equalize childcare costs. Orlando Family Team will ensure that your child support arrangement is fair and that it takes into account future educational and transportation costs as the children mature. We are aware that unexpected events (a serious health issue, for example) may require that you receive an increased amount of child support or, conversely, alter your ability to pay the amount of child support you have been assigned. We will vigorously support you in a request for child support modifications.

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