Founded in 1985, Heathrow in an unincorporated suburban community located near Orlando and Daytona Beach. Heathrow is home to the American Automobile Association (AAA), as well as several sports personalities. The area comprises a massive residential community made up of several neighborhoods and a population of around 4,000. Because it’s so close to some of Florida’s most popular amenities, Heathrow is a wonderful place to raise a family. But for many residents of Heathrow, domestic law cases mean their families are splitting apart. If you’re a resident with divorce, child custody, or other family law matters on the horizon, you need a dedicated family law attorney who will fight for you. Orlando Family Team serves clients in Heathrow, and we’re ready to work with you on your family law case today.

What To Expect In A Heathrow Family Law Case

For married couples, a divorce means more than just the legal termination of their marriage. Divorcing spouses must also deal with these common issues:

Child custody and child support are not exclusive to married couples. Whether or not you married the other parent of your child, a split from that person means that custody and support will need to be addressed. Some parents can work out custody and support between themselves. While an attorney will still be necessary to formalize the agreement to the court’s liking, this usually saves considerable time, stress, and money. For parents who cannot work out custody and child support, the court will need to. 

Child custody must always be decided with the child’s best interests in mind, regardless of whether it’s worked out between the parents or a court determines it. Having an attorney is critical to arguing that your position in the case is in the child’s best interests. If you have concerns about the fitness of the other parent, or you’re being denied your custody or visitation rights, talk to a knowledgeable attorney.

Child support is calculated according to Florida’s child support guidelines. These guidelines consider, among other factors, the parents’ respective incomes. A major concern that many parents have is that the other parent is hiding or intentionally suppressing their income so they can pay less in child support. Others worry that the parent asking for child support is exaggerating the child’s needs. Still, others are not receiving child support at all. Our legal team can help you with these and related issues.

Spousal Support And Property Division In Heathrow

The other two issues listed above – spousal support and property division – are exclusive to married couples who are divorcing.

Spousal support, also known as alimony, is based on several criteria such as the spouses’ relative monthly needs and incomes. Unlike child support, however, calculation of the amount of alimony isn’t based on a set formula. Also, a spouse is not automatically entitled to alimony. If you’re the spouse who needs support, we will argue for why you need it and why the other spouse can afford to pay it. Conversely, if you’re the one from whom spousal support is demanded, we will work to show why it’s unnecessary or why you cannot afford it.

For property division, Florida family courts use a process known as equitable distribution. This is also used to divide debts between the spouses. Take note, however, that equitable distribution is only concerned with marital property and debts. One issue that spouses sometimes face is whether to properly categorize a particular asset or debt as either marital or separate.

After the court decides which assets and debts are marital, it gets to work dividing them. “Equitable” doesn’t mean equal; it means fair. The court will therefore use a number of statutory factors to fairly divide everything between the spouses. With an attorney by your side, you will argue for an unequal distribution in your favor by showing the judge that it’s the fairest possible outcome.

Contested And Uncontested Family Law Matters

Contested family law matters are those which the parties cannot work out themselves. These typically include divorce and matters affecting the children, like custody. Where possible, we find out-of-court solutions that our clients are happy with and that the opposing party is agreeable to. But of course, sometimes the other party simply will not work with you, so we will litigate your case if necessary.

If you and the other party can work with each other, you may be able to explore options other than litigation. Mediation, for example, is a process where parties want to work something out on their terms and a third-party neutral (the mediator) facilitates a compromise and settlement. Divorcing couples may be able to negotiate a separation agreement that covers the issues arising from their marriage. Parents who aren’t married can devise parenting plans to handle custody and visitation, and settle on a fair child support agreement that complies with the state’s guidelines.

Other Issues We Handle In Heathrow

In addition to the above matters, Orlando Family Team represents clients in these areas:

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