Why Your Orlando Divorce Needs to Be Finalized in 2018

Most people have heard about the tax laws that will take effect in 2019, though other topics have taken over the news as of late. While some people are looking forward to the tax changes, others have been left seething. No matter which side of the fence you find yourself on, the tax laws are READ MORE

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How to Help Your Family Recover After a Divorce in Orlando

People divorce every day. Once-happy families find themselves dealing with overwhelming emotions, and getting through the breakup may seem impossible. It's normal to feel this way and there are ways you can help your family recover. You may be able to handle things on your own and move your family forward, or you may need READ MORE

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Father Permitted to Take Child to Cuba

A family court judge in Florida ruled that a baby girl would be placed in the legal custody of her biological father. The judge also ruled the the father could leave the country with the infant, returning to his native Cuba. The child's mother died during childbirth, and the infant must be cleared medically before READ MORE

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Are Three Parents Better Than Two?

Paternity cases are never easy but they can be particularly difficult when a wrench is thrown into the works. Such is the case in Tallahassee, where a five-year-old girl has found herself in the middle of a custody battle between the man who was married to her mother when the child was born, and the READ MORE

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Divorcing a Spouse Who Refuses to be Amicable

It's all well and good to believe that you and your spouse can divorce in a way that is civil, if not friendly. Some people actually do move through the process of divorce without fighting and arguing. It's not necessarily the exception to the rule, but it's important to remember that just because you want READ MORE

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Immigrants Frightened of Leaving Abusive Relationships

According to a domestic violence shelter in Central Florida, many undocumented victims in Central Florida are too afraid to leave relationships that may be emotionally, physically or financially abusive. One such victim recently sat down with a reporter to describe her life. That woman chose to remain unidentified. The reporter details the story of the READ MORE

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How Will Child Support Be Calculated in Your Divorce?

If you are in the process of a divorce and have children, you may have questions about child support. In the state of Florida, the amount you will pay for child support is calculated using the “Income Share Model.” This formula is used to determine how much you will pay each week or month to READ MORE

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Want a $2 Million Condo? It Could Be Yours

After his actions following the 9/11 terrorist attacks on New York City, Mayor Rudy Giuliani became wildly popular. Following the attacks, he quickly became known as America's Mayor. However, he is now making headlines for a less commendable reason; he is getting divorced from his third wife. Giuliani and his third wife are in the READ MORE

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