Facts About Paternity Tests in Orlando

Perhaps you have seen the popular television talk show in which the host states with a resounding voice, "You are not the father." Maybe you know someone who has taken a paternity test. You might even be considering taking a paternity test yourself. No matter the reason, you have questions, and we have answers. How READ MORE

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Man Fights for Paternity Rights for Young Son

A father in St. Lucie County is in the midst of a paternity battle in the hopes of gaining parental rights to his biological three year old son. In this unusual circumstance, a Florida law declaring that children born into a marriage belong to that marriage has given the mother’s husband all paternal rights to READ MORE

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How to Establish Paternity in Orlando

Thanks to popular daytime television shows, paternity testing became somewhat of a joke in recent years. "You are NOT the father" became a sort of catchphrase in our culture. Unfortunately, establishing paternity is anything but a laughing matter. Knowing who fathered a child or children is important for everyone involved. There are highly accurate tests READ MORE

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A Timeline for Establishing Paternity

When a married man and woman have a child, it is presumed that the man is the father of the child. Unless otherwise stated by the mother or both parents, the husband is legally the father of the newborn. This is not the same when the couple is not married. It is important that a READ MORE

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