Political Differences Spark Divorce

Couples divorce for many reasons. Some partners cannot compromise when it comes to finances. In other cases, one spouse cheats on the other. There are as many reasons for divorce as there are married couples. One reason that has made the news in Florida is a difference of political ideals.

According to reports, the spouse of a South Florida Democratic state prosecutor has filed for divorce because her husband doesn’t support President Trump. While chances are high that a difference of political opinion has resulted in several divorces, this is perhaps the first time it has made the news.

The wife of a Palm Beach County State Attorney filed for the divorce, stating it is amicable, because her husband does not support the President, while she claims to be a “staunch Republican” and supporter of Trump. Because of the difference in politics within the household, the woman has felt increasingly isolated in her marriage.

Media outlets have tagged this as “The Trump Divorce.” Reports indicate that the woman will receive a $100,000 settlement that includes $40,000 in cash and a new BMW.

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Teen Domestic Violence Victim Took All the Right Steps

A teenage victim of domestic violence lost her life in Poinciana despite, records show, doing everything right. The young mother, a high school senior, feared the child’s father and, with the help of family, did everything she could to eliminate contact with the young man.

According to reports, the teen was killed by her estranged boyfriend just two weeks before graduation. In the years leading up to the incident, the teenager and her mother filed several reports of domestic violence against the man. It has also been shown that they avoided communication with him.

In September 2016, the young man slashed the teen’s tires in the parking lot of her high school and returned to set the car on fire. When officers responded, the vehicle was completely engulfed in flames. The tires had been slashed on September 2 and the vehicle left in the parking lot. Two days later, her car was destroyed. As a result of that incident, the man was charged with aggravated stalking and arson.

The man persisted in his attempts to develop a relationship with the teenager, despite her telling him that she had no desire to do so. He repeatedly texted her, posted to her social media accounts and showed up at her house. Due to the man’s behaviors, the teen and her family began to fear for their safety. They secured a domestic violence injunction, preventing the man from making contact. Unfortunately, the injunction was just a piece of paper and easily violated.

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