5 New Year’s Resolutions After Your Divorce

It’s that time of year when we all promise ourselves that we are going to drop bad habits and pick up good ones. New Year’s resolutions are a tradition and leave many feeling hopeful for what’s to come. If you are just getting through a divorce, there are some resolutions that could be more worthwhile than the typical “Eat better” or “Exercise more.”

1. Set Boundaries

You may be a fixer. You could be the one friends depend on to never say no. You may have been the partner in your marriage that let things slide just a bit too often. Now is a good time to set healthy boundaries and learn how to say “no.” Determine the things you will no longer tolerate from friends and family and how you will react if those things happen.

2. Love Yourself More

It’s a bit cliche to say you should love yourself, but it is the absolute truth. Stop putting yourself down, stop looking for reasons people may not like you or you don’t like yourself. Start saying good things about yourself, turning off that critical voice inside your head. You will be a much more pleasant person to be around when you discover that you are the more important person in your life.

3. Manage the Money

Now that you’re on your own, you’ve got to budget differently. Make a resolution to manage your money effectively, whatever that means to you. Perhaps you need to start saving for retirement. Maybe you need to create and stick to a budget. Determine what you need and who can help you get it done and then do it.

4. Find Yourself

We lose a bit of ourselves even in the best marriages. It happens when two people meld their lives into one. Now is a great time to find yourself. Get back into the things you used to love or learn those new things you’ve always wanted to. Start enjoying your life again. Things will be different now that you’re single, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be enjoyable.

5. Be Thankful

It can be easy to forget how much in life we have to be thankful for after we go through a divorce. Sit down and make a list of the things you are thankful for right now. Make a resolution to do this every day in the New Year. You don’t have to make a full list everyday, but jot down something quickly and put the note in a jar. At the turn of the next new year, pull out your notes and read them.

Skip the resolutions that you know you won’t stick to this year. Instead, look for things that will make a significant difference in your newly single life and stick to them. You may find yourself surprised at how positive making one of these changes leaves you feeling.

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