Why Amicable Divorces Take a Turn for the Worse

Not every divorce begins with two spouses fighting one another in what seems to be a battle of wills. Some couples decide to split and are determined to take care of things in a way that is civil, if not entirely friendly. Despite their best intentions, some of these couples end up taking a turn for the worse and end up with an ugly divorce on their hands. Here are some reasons that divorce can start off amicably, and end badly.

1. Someone Starts Dating

Very few people deal with things well when they feel like they have been replaced, especially when they feel as though they have been replaced too quickly. If one spouse starts dating before the divorce is final, the other can get angry — and often, rightfully so.

2. They Want More Money

Things start off nicely enough. The two people have a good idea of how they will divide their assets and believe that they have come to a deal of sorts. Then one of the spouse’s talks to an attorney who tells them that they aren’t getting what is fair. That person ends up getting mad and decides to fight for more. It’s easy to get upset when you believe you aren’t getting what you are due.

3. Friends and Family Get Inside the Person’s Head

It’s normal for friends and family to have your back. When friends and family start saying negative things about your soon-to-be ex, you may start to believe what they say. You may begin to feel resentful and help the divorce go from easy to quite difficult.

4. Anger is Misdirected

Divorce is stressful, no matter how amicable it is. A marriage that two people thought would last forever is ending. Both parties are frightened and anxious. Sometimes those feelings are misdirected toward the other party in what takes the form of anger.

5. Someone Gets Scared

Along with being stressful, divorce is frightening. How will you live? Will you be able to deal with life as a single person? It’s easy for people to become frightened at some stage of the divorce, particularly as the reality of the situation sets in, and that fear often manifests itself in anger.

6. One Copes with Drugs or Alcohol

To handle the emotional turmoil of a divorce, one spouse may turn to substances to overcome their pain. This can make the other spouse resentful. In other cases, the spouse that develops an addiction begins to blame their partner for that addiction, citing their partner as the reason they drink.

No divorce is easy. When the process turns on its head and gets ugly, everyone involved is affected. Do what you can to keep your emotions out of the divorce and if you need to vent, pick a trusted friend or family member instead of your almost ex.

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