Can Your Spouse Demand Social Media Etiquette?

Rapper Rick Ross has asked a court to order his child’s mother to delete all of her social media posts about him. He also wants the court to order her to suspend all of her social media accounts.

The mother of Ross’s child sued him back in 2007 for paternity. A custody agreement was reached and remains confidential. The case was settled in 2010. Kemp has recently returned to court asking that child support be increased because Ross is making more money.

In February of this year, Ross filed a motion asking the court to stop the woman from discussing child-related issues on social media. He also wants the court to block the woman from having discussions with reporters. Ross claims the woman has made a series of posts across various social media outlets that either “insult or threaten” the rapper.

Additionally, the rapper says that his child’s mother went so far as to encourage the public to disparage him on social media. Ross claims that the woman has made some of her posts, particularly live posts, in the presence of their child. Ross calls this “parental alienation in its most deplorable form.”

Whether or not Ross’s motion will be approved remains to be seen. Because of the popularity of social media, it will be interesting to see if the motion gets approved. In the future, if you blast your ex, soon-to-be ex or the parent of your child on your social media account, you could see it get suspended.

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