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Common Reasons for Divorce

It is likely not a surprise to many that levels of divorce have reached new heights over the past few decades. Along with the uptick in divorce rates, attitudes towards divorce have drastically shifted. The stigma associated with divorce is a thing of the past. Now more than ever before, society seems to honor the fact that divorce can foster healthier and happier people and relationships. As we continue to experience shifts in attitude towards divorce and the reasons people cite for getting divorce, it may be interesting and informative to look at some of the most common reasons for divorce.

Common Reasons for Divorce

The reasons for divorce can be, and often are, very complex and nuanced. While we will take a look at some of the more general reasons for divorce, the specifics will largely vary from one relationship to another. For instance, one of the most commonly stated reasons is spouses growing apart. This often occurs when a couple marries young, but it can happen in any relationship. We all experience so many changes over the years. It is no wonder some couples end up in a place where they feel no longer compatible with their partner. There may be a growing lack of shared interests or increasingly divergent perspectives, beliefs, and overall life priorities.

Not wholly unrelated to growing apart is when a couple seeks divorce because they feel like they are unable to effectively communicate. When you believe that you and your partner have reached a point where you are unable to talk to one another, resentment and ill will are likely not too far behind. Communication problems can exacerbate other struggling aspects of a relationship as well. Therapy can often help facilitate the mending of broken communication pathways, but sometimes even that will not bridge the gap that has formed between spouses.

Another commonly cited reason for divorce is one partner failing to carry a proportional load associated with the marriage, the family, and the household. This, of course, is more commonly seen when there are children involved. One partner carrying more of the weight in the marriage and family unit, whether real or perceived, can quickly breed feelings of resentment and drive a wedge between spouses.

Financial issues continue to be a top-cited reason for divorce. They say opposites attract, but when one spouse likes to save money and the other likes to spend money, it can be a recipe for stress and strain on a marriage. In fact, close to half of divorcing couples relate that how their spouse handled money was a key reason for seeking a divorce.

Infidelity can also be a reason for a divorce. Once trust has been breached in this way, it can be difficult to come back from it. Drug or alcohol use is also another fairly common reason for divorce. Its impacts can be widely felt throughout multiple facets of marriage and family life.

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