Detroit Tiger’s Paternity Case Turning Ugly

Spring training for Major League Baseball will be starting soon, and it should be foremost in the mind of Detroit’s Miguel Cabrera — but it probably isn’t. Instead, Cabrera is dealing with a paternity suit that many believe has turned ugly. The player has been dealing with the court case since last year.

The mother of two of Cabrera’s children is claiming that he owes her more child support. He, on the other hand, claims that $12,000 a month for two kids is adequate. Cabrera will now be heading back to court, and the timing is terrible. He has two hearings scheduled for this month, one the day before spring training starts and another during training.

The suit was filed by Cabrera’s ex who claimed that he was not giving her enough for the children. The baseball player denies this, stating to the court that he gives her $12,000 a month and assisted her in buying a million-dollar mansion in Florida. According to her lawyers, the woman is entitled to nearly ten times that amount under Florida’s child support guidelines.

The pair have been trying to reach a settlement through their attorneys for more than six months with no luck. Talks have stalled, in part, because Cabrera doesn’t believe it is the business of his ex how much he spends on the children he has with his wife. The ex disagrees.

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