DNA Kit Leads to Discovering Biological Father

A woman gave her husband a gift for their first anniversary that changed his life. She bought him a DNA kit that ended up with the man discovering his biological father.

According to details of the story, the man was adopted in 1974 when he was six months old. He was adopted in Cincinnati, Ohio in a closed adoption, meaning he did not know his biological relatives as he grew up.

Like anyone who takes a DNA test, the couple sat back and waited for the results to show up in the mail. When they did, the man was able to connect with a cousin and, ultimately, with his birth father. The couple flew to Orlando, where they met the man’s birth father. They also met the father’s wife and his mother. The man found out that his birth mother passed away in 1997, but that he has a half-sister.

The man told reporters that he didn’t need a DNA test to know the gentleman was his birth father. The pair look just alike. The man said that he felt an instant connection with his birth father, a 63-year-old man who says seeing his son was like looking into a mirror.

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