Do I Need an Attorney If I’m Getting Divorced?

Getting divorced is a big step and can be an overwhelming experience. You may also feel rather isolated and alone as this is a significant and personal thing to sit with. It can have far-reaching impacts on a person emotionally, mentally, logistically, and financially. While you may be intimidated by reaching out to a divorce attorney, having a knowledgeable, trustworthy attorney by your side as you approach a divorce can prove invaluable for a number of reasons.

I’m Getting Divorced; Do I Need an Attorney?

While you are not obligated to retain an attorney to file a divorce, you may still want to hire a divorce attorney should you be facing the dissolution of marriage proceedings. Many people choose to proceed with divorce pro se because the two spouses think that they are amicable enough and have agreed upon the central issues of divorce on their own. These issues include:

  • Child custody (if there are minor children resulting from the marriage)
  • Child support (if there are minor children resulting from the marriage)
  • Alimony (spousal support or maintenance)
  • Division of property

When divorcing spouses can work together and reach an agreement on these often highly contested issues, it can be beneficial for a variety of reasons. For instance, coming together on their own can give them more control over the issues and avoid leaving things up for a court to decide for them. It can also lead to significant savings in both time and money. Furthermore, if there are minor children from the marriage, the children can reap the benefits of not having to go through a contentious divorce process and can also receive the benefits associated with seeing their parents continue to work through complex issues even as the marriage comes to an end.

Even in the most amicable of divorce scenarios, however, it can be important to have an attorney by your side. First of all, an attorney can work with you as you and your spouse come to an agreement on the terms of the divorce. The attorney can make sure all terms have been properly addressed and memorialized in an agreement. Furthermore, an attorney can discuss the wider implications of what you are actually agreeing to. These are important issues that will affect your parenting time, your finances, and more. Checking in with an attorney on what you are actually agreeing to can help protect your best interests.

Furthermore, it is critical to note that amicable divorces do not always end up being so amicable. Divorce can get heated all too quickly. The issues to address are often emotionally charged and very personal. What could start out as two spouses working together can quickly turn into them butting heads. An attorney can not only help prevent this from happening, but can remain in a position of representing your best interests even after things have gone from agreeable to contested.

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