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Documents You’ll Need for a Florida Divorce

If you have decided to proceed with a Florida divorce, the road ahead may seem daunting. After all, divorce is a big life step in and of itself. Then, there is the divorce process itself to contend with. The best thing to do is take things one step at a time and be as prepared as possible. Preparation for divorce proceedings will involve a lot of paperwork. There will be paperwork to compile, complete, organize, and file. To help get you started, we want to break down a few of the paperwork requirements you’ll need to meet for a Florida divorce.

Documents You’ll Need for a Florida Divorce

First up, let’s take a look at some of the legal paperwork that will need to be filed with the court for your divorce to proceed and be finalized. Initially, the spouse filing for divorce will need to submit a divorce petition. This petition will need to detail the circumstances surrounding the marriage dissolution as well as any other specific allegations that will be asserted and that might have consequences for the divorce settlement. The non-petitioning spouse will need to submit a response to the divorce petition.

Additionally, both parties to the divorce will need to submit a financial affidavit. The financial affidavit will be critical to effectively divide the assets and debts of the marriage. These affidavits will set forth the details regarding income, assets, and debts of both parties. Also, if there are children involved, a parenting plan will need to be submitted to the court. This plan should detail things such as timesharing as well as how decisions affecting the children will be made.

In completing all of these court required documents, there are other documents you will also need to produce as a result. For instance, you will need a copy of your driver’s license. You will also need to compile extensive documentation regarding the state of your finances. Relevant financial records you may need to gather and organize for submission to the court may include:

  • Pay stubs or other documentation regarding income you have earned
  • Loan applications
  • Financial statements
  • Brokerage account statements
  • Credit card account statements
  • Tax returns
  • Property titles
  • Loan and mortgage statements

These kinds of financial records will need to accurately reflect your financial situation for at least 3 months, and up to a year, preceding divorce filings. If you are making a claim for any kind of unequal distribution of marital property, you will need to submit evidence as to why this would be justified.

Florida Family Law Attorneys

As you can see, divorce will require extensive documentation. It can be a lot of work, but the dedicated Florida family law attorneys at Bernal-Mora & Nickolaou are here to support you throughout your divorce journey. We provided trusted legal counsel and support to our clients during divorce proceedings and beyond. Contact us today.

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