Golfer Settles Divorce in Florida

Golf pro Lee Westwood was set to take his divorce from his former wife to trial but reached a settlement at what some are calling the last minute. The settlement means that the divorce won’t require a long, drawn out trial.

According to reports, the Florida divorce had a great potential to get ugly. The golfer has a net worth of approximately $65 million. That net worth is augmented by sponsorship deals that bring in approximately $6.5 million a year.

The pair met in the 90s. A mutual friend, the owner of the Close House golf course, introduced the pair. The golfer is now dating that friend’s sister-in-law. It has led some to put credence to his ex’s allegations that he was never committed to their marriage.

Palm Beach County court dissolved the marriage in late October. The judgment read, in part, “The marriage of the parties is dissolved because the marriage is irretrievably broken, each spouse is restored to the status of being single and unmarried.”

The specifics of the settlement were not released to the press, but it is assumed that the golfer’s ex-wife and two children will be taken care of financially.

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