Immigrants Frightened of Leaving Abusive Relationships

According to a domestic violence shelter in Central Florida, many undocumented victims in Central Florida are too afraid to leave relationships that may be emotionally, physically or financially abusive. One such victim recently sat down with a reporter to describe her life. That woman chose to remain unidentified.

The reporter details the story of the woman who began dating a U.S. citizen just after arriving in the country. The woman told the reporter that the man was acting aggressively toward her from a very early point in the relationship. What began as verbal abuse turned to physical abuse. She told the reporter that when she became pregnant, the man locked her in a closet. After this happened, she decided she wanted to end the relationship, but she was afraid to make the move.

The woman ultimately ended up calling police following one altercation between the boyfriend and the woman’s sister. Unfortunately, the man wasn’t arrested. Tragically, the woman was arrested for being undocumented.

The chief executive officer of Harbor House of Central Florida says that there is a very real fear among victims that they will be deported if they call to report assault, domestic violence or any other type of crime that occurs within the confines of their relationship. The good news is that there is help available to victims regardless of their citizenship status. Harbor House is just one organization of many that will help victims in Central Florida find shelter and legal assistance.

If you are in need of assistance in leaving an abusive relationship in Orlando, reach out to our experienced team of attorneys today. We are here to help you.