Missing Jacksonville Boy Found Safe

There was recently a 5-year-old boy in Nassau County who kicked off a statewide missing child alert. That boy was located with his mother earlier this week, and both were taken into custody by the police.

According to reports, the woman was supposed to bring the child to a child custody hearing and never showed up. When the woman didn’t show or tell anyone where she was, a missing child alert was issued across the state. Shortly after the alert was made public, a woman claiming to be the child’s mother sent a local news station the child’s photo, claiming that he was okay.

The woman claimed that she had left the area for her safety and would bring the child back. Authorities quickly told the public that the woman and child were in the custody of Jacksonville deputies and both were safe. A spokesperson from the department of child and family services said that they wanted to assess the child’s well-being and that the agency was very concerned about him.

The spokesperson did not specify what would make anyone “so concerned” about the child. It is unclear if the woman will face any charges in the incident, as it is presumed that she currently has legal custody of the child.

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