NBA Star Cuts Wife Off Financially

Finances among married spouses can be a bone of contention. This is also true of those who have decided to divorce. Two people who have been sharing an income are now forced to determine how they will make ends meet with only one. In many cases, one spouse must provide support in the form of alimony to the other. This can come to a head when one spouse cuts the other off financially.

Scottie Pippen, known for his great run with the Chicago Bulls, is splitting from his wife, Larsa. The couple amassed a fortune over the marriage totaling approximately $120 million. Much of the talk during their divorce proceedings, understandably, has been about how that fortune will be divided. Reporters have learned that not only is Scottie Pippen seeking the greater portion of the money, but that he has cut his wife’s access to it off.

According to a report, Scottie seized control of the couple’s accounts and left his wife with no access. Larsa Pippen is currently being supported by friends. Although she signed a prenuptial agreement prior to their marriage, that agreement was revoked in 2015. How the case will end is uncertain, but it is assumed that it could take several months as lawyers fight for the rights of their clients.

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