Orlando Police Officer Arrested for Domestic Violence

We expect the police to protect us, not harm us. That’s why it’s often so shocking when we hear of a police officer arrested for a crime. Unfortunately, it has happened in Orlando where a police officer was arrested after being accused of domestic violence.

A 42-year-old officer was arrested by the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office earlier this week week. A spokesperson for the Orlando police said that the officer has been relieved of his duties, firearms and credentials. The officer remains employed by the police department, but he is not permitted to perform any of his duties.

The estranged wife who is the alleged victim in this case said that she had filed divorce papers on the day of the alleged incident. She came home with her boyfriend later in the day to find her husband in the parking lot outside of her apartment. He said he wanted to talk to her and, when she refused, got out of his vehicle and pushed her.

The police chief released a statement that said, “I’m very troubled and concerned by any allegations involving domestic violence, and want to stress that this case will be thoroughly investigated. At the Orlando Police Department, we are committed to eradicating all manner of domestic violence from our community.”

If you have been the victim of domestic violence in Orlando and need assistance, please reach out to our office. We are here for you and your family as you begin to move forward with your life.