Questions Kids Ask About Divorce

One of the hardest things about deciding to proceed with a divorce will likely be talking to your children about it. In addition to the initial conversation where you tell your kids, there is also likely to be many more follow-up questions for them. Divorce, after all, may not be something your kids will fully understand, but they will likely have a significant sense that it could have a big impact on their lives. Being prepared for these questions can be very important and so we thought it would be helpful to discuss some of the more common questions that kids will ask about divorce. Your answers, and the questions, will be guided by your children, their ages, and your family circumstances, but keep in mind that these questions may be difficult, but they can be a great way to start a two-way conversation with them about a big thing going on in all of your lives. Maximize the opportunity accordingly.

Questions Kids Ask About Divorce

Questions kids ask about divorce can run a wide range. There are likely to be broader, existential questions were thrown in there such as: why does divorce happen? Explain things like the technical ramifications of divorce. A divorce happens when two married people decide they do not want to be married any longer. A child may have a follow-up question asking whether it is something he or she did wrong to trigger the divorce. Be clear that a divorce ends a legal relationship between two spouses. There is no change in the parent-child relationship and there are so many reasons why two people would seek a divorce, but it is between the two of them and not the fault of the child.

Most of the questions you will get from your kids, however, are likely to be focused on how divorce will impact their own lives and everyday schedules. These questions can be difficult to navigate, especially at the start of divorce proceedings when so many things may be up in the air. Try and be as clear as possible with your child that you are working to keep things as normal as possible and will work to protect the things that they care about.

Your child is likely to ask where he or she is going to live and whether a move will be necessary. Other questions are likely going to relate to whether your child will have to move schools or give up treasured activities and friends. With the potential for such big changes on the horizon, it is understandable that your child would worry about such things. The hard part is, of course, that you may not even know some of the answers to these questions. Custody issues are complicated, to say the least, and may require court intervention to iron out the details. Continue to keep your child as informed as possible and remind them that you hear them and will do everything you can to take their needs, preferences, and wishes into account.

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