Rawlins Doesn’t Let Divorce Dampen Her Love for Orlando

Chances are that if you live in Orlando, you’ve at least heard of Phil and Kay Rawlins, if not met them in person. Phil has become known as the face of the city. If Phil is the face, people say that Kay is the heart. After what turned into a bitter divorce, many thought that Kay would have disappeared from public view, but she is as active as ever.

The public split was difficult for Kay in particular. She discovered that her husband was having an affair and was shocked at that discovery. Phil was not secretive about his affair, but Kay didn’t find out about it until December of 2016. In just five short months, their very public divorce was finalized.

Kay, like many men and women before her, describes the divorce as embarrassing, but has come out of it for the better. With support from friends and family who lifted her up, Kay is now firmly planted in her office at the new Orlando City Stadium. The city is her passion and building the community is what she does best. From organizing fundraisers to developing community gardens, Kay has done a lot for the city and her team.

Though she may have been heartbroken by the divorce, her heart now beats stronger than it has before. She has re-dedicated herself to the love of her life: Orlando.

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