Ruling Handed Down in Cabrera Child Support Case

We have brought you news of Miguel Cabrera’s legal woes since they hit the press, and now a ruling has been handed down by a judge. Instead of receiving the $100,000 per month his ex-mistress wanted, Cabrera will be paying just $12,000 in child support every 30 days.

Cabrera was ordered by a judge to pay $12,247 per month in child support to Belkis Rodriguez for the care of their two children. This amount was exactly what he was paying before the woman took him to court. As part of the order, the children will also be receiving annual passes to Sea World, Universal Studios and Walt Disney World. Cabrera will also be paying tuition for private school, costs associated with daycare, health insurance and for any extracurricular activities.

The award is a temporary one, meaning the woman can fight for more money if she desires to do so. It looks as if this will be the case, as Rodriguez has asked for more information with regards to what Cabrera spends on the three children he has in common with his wife. A judge recently ordered that Cabrera disclose this information despite the baseball star’s stance that it is private information.

For the average person, $12,000 in child support every month seems like an extraordinary amount. However, this amount is not too steep for Cabrera, who brings home what equates to approximately $2.5 million monthly.

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