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Struggling with Divorce? Here Are Some Tips to Get Through It

Divorce signals a major life shift. While it can bring a bright, new future, it can be difficult to let go of a life you envisioned and left to an uncertain path ahead. This is not even to mention the fact that the divorce process can be a long, emotional journey. If you are struggling with divorce, step one is to know that this is okay and you are not alone in this experience. Many going through a divorce go through a wide range of emotions. You may feel sad one minute and angry the next. Exhaustion may seep deep into your bones as frustration and confusion burn through your remaining energy. It can be a lot, to say the least. At the end of the day, however, divorce remains the right choice for many and, while you may not see it yet, can be a liberating process to set you towards a brighter future.

Struggling with Divorce? Here Are Some Tips to Get Through It

While you think about all of the time, energy, and emotions that a person can experience during divorce, you may have empathy for them, but still, have trouble going easy on yourself when you are in the same position. Now is the time to give yourself a break. You are going through so much and do not need to give yourself a hard time about needing some self-care and positive self-talk. 

It is also important to take time to reflect on what divorce means. Yes, it means a second chance at a new future. It also marks the loss of something, and that is okay. Mourning what you have lost can be very healing. Say goodbye to this phase of your life. Say goodbye as your marriage ends. It is time to let go of the things you will not tolerate anymore; the things you do not want in your life anymore. This includes not only letting go of your marriage, but also the negative things that led to your divorce.

Assemble your support team. This may include your family, circle of friends, and others that can give you the support and encouragement you need to get through this. Support groups of those going through similar experiences can be great and help bridge the loneliness gap you may be feeling. It may be tempting to draw yourself into isolation at this time when so much is going on, but try to stay out of the shadows. Isolation can raise stress levels and connection can be the key to unlocking the support you need to thrive in this journey.

Now more than ever, take care of yourself. This means taking care of yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically. Get regular exercise and eat right. Do you feel like talking to a counselor or therapist might help? Do it! Pursue things you are interested in that bring you joy. Now is not the time to spend your energy trying to make big life decisions. Stick to your routine as much as possible and take care of yourself!

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