Tigers Slugger Being Sued for More Child Support

In a gated community in Orlando, a woman and her two children live in a million-dollar home. More than a thousand miles away, the father of those children lives in a gated community of his own with his wife and three children. That man is Detroit Tigers slugger Miguel Cabrera.

According to reports, Cabrera’s mistress, who was married at the time she began to date the star baseball player, believes her children are not getting enough. The baseball player is sending no less than $12,000 each month to support two children, according to records, but his mistress believes that the children deserve more under current Florida law.

The woman kept her relationship with the player a secret for years but, she is now making a lot of noise in court, trying to ensure that her children get what she believes they deserve. The mistress is pursuing a paternity suit against the baseball player who she claims got her pregnant twice and left her “high and dry” with a lifestyle that her children have become used to but she can’t afford.

The pair dated for about five years, and the player’s name is on the birth certificates of both children. Just how much more the woman will get, if any, remains to be seen.

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