Are You Truly Ready for a Divorce?

You’ve been fighting with your spouse for what feels like ages. The two of you can’t seem to agree on anything anymore, and you are considering getting out of the marriage. It’s not unusual for people to question whether or not they are ready for a divorce, no matter how “stuck” they are feeling.

People divorce for a number of reasons. For some, financial matters come into play. For other couples, infidelity is the spark. Even in separations based on the most sound reasons, filing for divorce can cause anxiety and feelings of failure. Knowing that you are making the right decision can help. Here are five questions to ask yourself if divorce has crossed your mind.

1. What is my reason?

The first thing you should understand are your real reasons for wanting a divorce. When you make a list of reasons, even if it’s a list of one, you can decide if you have done everything you can to make things right. If you have tried to resolve your issues to no avail, a divorce may be the right choice.

2. Have I approached all avenues?

What have you done to try to reconcile your differences? If the answer is nothing, you may owe it to your relationship to try counseling or another form of assistance. You married one another for a reason. If you throw in the towel before you have tried to fix things, you may end up with feelings of guilt and remorse after the divorce is final.

3. Do I still love my spouse?

People fall out of love. It’s a fact of life. Think of all of the people who have come in and out of your life that you have had strong feelings for, if not loved. Ask yourself if you are still in love with your partner. You may be angry right now and you may not like them very much, but if you are still in love, it may be worth it to try and work things out.

4. Can I deal with life alone?

No one should stay in a marriage out of fear of being alone. However, if you are not financially able to care for yourself, have no idea where you will live or what will happen to you once you have separated your lives, you need to think about these things. Every divorce has consequences that you will need to be prepared for.

5. How will I help the children adapt?

If you and your spouse have children, you need to think of their feelings and how the divorce will affect their lives. Again, the mere fact that you have children should not factor into staying in a marriage that doesn’t make you happy, but you will have to plan for how you will deal with their feelings. Expecting your children to move on without some form of assistance, either from you or a professional, is not realistic.

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About the Author
Andrew Nickolaou, Esq., B.C.S., is a founding partner at Bernal-Mora & Nickolaou, P.A. He practices almost exclusively in divorce, marital and family law. Andrew and his partner, Ophelia Bernal-Mora, Esq., B.C.S., joined forces in March 2016 to form the unique and boutique husband and wife family law team at Bernal-Mora & Nickolaou, P.A. Together, Andrew and Ophelia take a practical and team-based approach to all of their cases and clients to deliver the highest quality experience and representation.