Be Wary — Divorce Advice is Everywhere

If you are in the process of a divorce, you may be getting well-intentioned advice from friends and family. You may have turned to the Internet to conduct a bit of research on your own. You may even be listening to the advice of strangers on social media. Be careful. When people are going through a divorce, misinformation can be dangerous.

Not only can information be dangerous, but it can be very difficult to determine which advice is good and which is bad. Should you listen to people you love or the people you don’t know? Should you believe what you read on the Internet or pay it no attention? With the amount of advice out there, it can quickly become overwhelming and leave you feeling anxious. You need to know who and what to believe at this very important time in your life.

Friends and Family

Listening to your friends and family when it comes to a divorce can be beneficial. If you are speaking to your loved ones about how they coped with their own divorce, by all means, pay attention to what is being said. You should also take it with a grain of salt.

No one is you. That means that while you may benefit from some of what they have to say, you have your own set of emotions and beliefs. Your loved ones are only trying to support you, but not all advice they give you will be accurate for your unique situation.

When it comes to legal advice, you may want to plug your ears. There could be similarities between your divorce and that of a loved one, but there will be something that sets yours apart. After all, your divorce is as unique as your marriage was. Listening to legal advice from someone that isn’t an attorney can be a huge mistake.

Your Attorney

By far, your best source of legal advice is going to be your divorce attorney. Your attorney is working for you and has your best interests in mind. You should take the advice your attorney gives you more seriously than the advice you get from any other source. Remember that this is the person you have told the details to. They know about your situation and your desired outcomes and are working with that specific information.

The Internet

Please be careful when researching anything on the Internet. While there are certainly reputable sources of information, there are also pages and pages of misinformation. The Internet can be a great source of support, but legal advice or strategies should be discussed with your attorney.

Divorce isn’t easy, and every single one is unique. If you need assistance with a divorce in Orlando, reach out to our team of experienced attorneys. We understand Florida law and have years of experience in the local family court. Call our office today to schedule an appointment for a case evaluation and let us tell you how we can help you. We are here for you and will concentrate our efforts on making sure your divorce settlement is a fair one.