What Does Your Divorce Attorney Need to Know?

When you are in the midst of a divorce, your attorney is there to stand by your side and advocate on your behalf. In order to most effectively advocate for you and your best interests, you are going to need to disclose many things to your divorce attorney. Divorce is unavoidably personal. It involves your family structure, your children (if you have any), and your finances. While these can be difficult topics to broach, you need to be in a place where you can be completely honest with your attorney so that they can do the best possible job in representing you through this process.

Key Things to Tell Your Attorney

There are several key pieces of information your divorce attorney is going to need to know. For starters, your attorney will need to know whether or not you and your spouse have a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement in place. Typically, this type of agreement will lay out the terms for how your income, assets and liabilities (debts) will be distributed in the event of a divorce. Additionally, should you have any concerns pertaining to the validity of your prenuptial or postnuptial agreement, be sure to disclose this to your lawyer.

You will also need to be open about your financial situation with your divorce attorney. Much of divorce is addressing the issue of separating the finances of two people who have been sharing finances for an extended period of time. Be prepared to disclose financial information such as your:

  • Income
  • Assets
  • Investments and retirement accounts
  • Debts
  • Health insurance
  • Inheritances
  • Monthly expenses

If there are any assets in particular that you wish to retain after the divorce, such as the marital home, this will be important information to share with your attorney. Furthermore, you will need to discuss your career plans. What is the current and future status of your career? Your attorney will need to see what your financial circumstances are set to look like after the divorce.

If there are any minor children from the marriage, your attorney will not only need to know this but will need to know much more as it relates to your children. In the divorce, issues of child support, custody, and visitation will need to be addressed. To best represent you in these matters, your attorney needs a comprehensive understanding of the lifestyle of your minor children. You will need to tell your attorney about things such as:

  • The ages of your children
  • Activities your children are involved in
  • The role of grandparents in your children’s lives
  • Religious and moral upbringing of your children
  • College savings plans for your children

You will also need to be prepared to disclose the circumstances surrounding your divorce. This can be a particularly sensitive and difficult topic to discuss, but it can be relevant to several different aspects of the divorce. 

Florida Divorce Attorneys

Divorce is filled with sensitive and extremely personal topics. That is why it is essential that you have a compassionate and trustworthy attorney by your side. You can count on the dedicated divorce attorneys at Orlando Family Team. We are here to support you throughout the divorce process. Contact us today.