Why Seniors Are Divorcing

We’ve all seen those older couples sitting in a cafe holding hands or walking down the street arm-in-arm. We sigh to ourselves, thinking how lovely it is that they are still so in love after all these years. We hope to be them. We might even think “relationship goals” to ourselves as we pass by. While it is certainly a boost to the mood to see couples like this, is it the norm? We used to think so.

Most people tend to think of divorce as something that happens to people in their 30s and 40s. We don’t often consider that older adults file for divorce as well. The truth of the matter is that there is no age bracket that is immune from failing relationships. Here are the most common reasons people over 50 get divorced in Orlando.

1. Growing Apart

When people are younger, they can typically attribute their divorce to an event or cause. As people age, reasons tend to become a bit more difficult to put a finger on. Growing apart is one such reason. People may realize that they’ve lost common interests over the years and are no longer compatible as a couple.

2. Empty Nest

Your lives quickly begin to center around your children when you have them. You don’t realize that you’ve lost yourselves as a couple until the last of your children leaves home. The empty nest is one of the most common reasons people get divorced later in life. Once the last child has left home, children are no longer a reason to stay together.

3. Age

It’s an unfortunate truth that one spouse or the other may age in away that is more advanced than the other. When this happens, the healthier spouse may go looking for a younger version of what they already have. Some may look for a younger spouse when they begin to feel the ravages of age in the hopes of feeling young again.

4. Spending Habits

People who are younger often are both working. They both spend and money may not be a tremendous concern. As we age, our finances become a greater concern due to fixed incomes. One spouse may spend more than the other. One spouse may be so penny pinching that the other cannot live with it. In either case, finances are a common reason for the break up of a marriage.

5. Lifestyle

Once people begin to retire, they may find they have different ideas of what exactly that looks like. While one partner may want to sit in the sunroom and read through their entire book list, the other may want to get out and be active, enjoying all the things they never had time for. This difference in lifestyle choice may lead some couples to call it quits.

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