Will Your Job Lead to Divorce?

You’ve probably heard all of the reasons for divorce. Money, kids, extramarital affairs — all of these things are talked about on a regular basis when it comes to couples splitting up. But what about your job? If you’ve never considered your occupation to be a reason for your split, consider it now. Studies have shown that a person’s occupation can predict whether or not they will find themselves in divorce court in the future.

While it certainly isn’t a guarantee, there are certain occupations that may hinder your ability to keep a marriage going. If you’re in any one of these five occupations, keep a close eye on your wedded bliss.


If you are an entertainer or an athlete, you may find it difficult to maintain a marriage. Reasons vary, but many cite infidelity as a leading cause of the break up of a marriage. Another reason often given is the lack of time together. Celebrities across the board often spend time on the road and away from home, which can drive a wedge in any marriage.


If you are employed in any of the helping professions, such as therapy, nursing, or home health care, you should keep a watchful eye on the state of your marriage. These people may find it difficult to leave work at the door, creating a stressful environment at home. This can lead to bickering and arguing that, in turn, leads to hurt feelings and resentment.

Law Enforcement

Police officers, no matter their gender, have to maintain a high level of control. It’s simply a part of their job. It’s when these men and women can’t give up that control when they walk through the front door that their marriages may begin to suffer. Along with law enforcement, members of the military have a higher than average rate of divorce, mainly thanks to long deployments.

Hospitality Workers

Jobs like bartending and others in the hospitality industry have a high level of stress. These occupations also offer little in the way of control over their work. People in these occupations report temptations on the job as a major cause of the decay of a marriage. Infidelity ranks high on the list of reasons people in these occupations divorce.

Low Wage Earners

It’s an unfortunate truth that people who work in occupations with low wages tend to get divorced at higher rates. Little money coming into the home is a great stressor, and is even more problematic when only one partner is working. Studies have shown that people with college degrees and higher paying jobs are more likely to stay in a happy marriage than those who are less educated.

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