Woman Seeking Divorce Being Called “Gold Digger”

An elected official in Broward County is involved in a divorce that has had her accused of being a “gold digger.” The woman is divorcing her 71-year-old husband, and some are saying that she is simply trying to gain control of the man’s finances.

The woman married her husband four years ago, and had no college degree and no political background at the time. Despite this, she was elected last year to replace her husband as clerk of court. She clerked in his office prior to her marriage, at which time she resigned from her job. Her platform when running for office was to keep the family name in the position. She went from no salary to making $170,000 per year.

Her husband filed for divorce just three months after his wife was appointed to the position. Immediately following the filing, the woman asked that a judge grant her temporary guardianship of her husband, claiming that he was suffering from early-onset dementia. The gentleman’s lawyers claim that she is simply trying to gain control of the man’s pension, interest from a lump-sum payout from the Florida Retirement System and his Social Security benefits.

It is presumed that the divorce will get uglier before it becomes more civil. Both sides are arguing over details, and delays could drag the case out for months.

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