Your Post-Divorce Checklist

You think that you did everything right. In fact, you’re almost sure of it. You dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s and you’re ready to  move on. If you’re the type of person who likes to make lists, one for your life post-divorce is in order. Your life as a single person needs a plan.

There are some things to take care of immediately following the divorce that some people believe will be taken care of for them. Keep in mind that just because a judge orders it doesn’t make it magically happen. You still have work to do.

1. Dividing Debts

If you and your ex are splitting debt, you’ve got to make it happen. If you took care of this during the divorce proceedings, you’re fine. If not, you have to make a few phone calls. Call all of your credit card companies and find out if your spouse is an authorized user. If they are, take their name off the account.

If your ex is supposed to be paying any bills that are in your name, make a mark on your calendar and keep an eye on them. If your spouse doesn’t make payments, it’s going to hurt your credit.

2. Keep An Eye on Property Divisions

Dividing property can be complicated and may take more time than you thought. Look in your divorce decree to see which pieces or items of property are to be divided and then ask your attorney how it’s supposed to happen. There may be phone calls to make or signatures to scrawl. Just because a judge ordered it doesn’t mean it’s going to automatically happen.

3. Dividing Assets

Did one or the other of you retain possession of a vehicle? A boat? You may need to visit the DMV to sign the proper forms and have them notarized. If you are keeping the house, you may need to Quit Claim yourself. Don’t fill out paperwork online. Let a real estate attorney do it for you to ensure you don’t make a mistake and lose the right to your home.

4. Your Estate Plan, Insurance Policies, Etc.

Any financial interests you have may need to be altered. If you have a will or estate plan in place, you may need to name a new heir. If you have an insurance policy or policies, you may need to name a new beneficiary. Check your retirement plans, pension accounts and any trusts you have in place. You don’t want to let these go as you may forget about them eventually.

Your divorce attorney can help you when it comes to planning for these things after your divorce. If you need assistance with a divorce in Orlando, please reach out to our team. Our experienced attorneys can help you before, during and after your divorce. Call today to schedule a free case evaluation and learn more about how we can help you.

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