Your Pre-Divorce To-Do List

Divorce, like any major life event, should be prepared for accordingly. During what can be one of the most tumultuous times of your life, you will thank yourself for the preparations you completed before the divorce process started. To help you through the pre-divorce prep work, here are some tips on what to include on your to-do list.

Your Pre-Divorce To-Do List

Preparation can be the key to making the divorce process as smooth and streamlined as possible. There are many moving elements of divorce. There is a division of marital assets, child support, child custody, and alimony. On top of that, there will be a whole host of new things to tackle as you transition to your post-divorce life. Because of all of this, preparation becomes even more important and you will be absolutely grateful you did the prep work further down the road.

One of the first things you should focus on once you have begun even considering divorce is to start saving money. The divorce process can be a significant financial burden. While there are some ways to lower the cost of divorce, such as agreeing with your spouse to get an uncontested divorce, things happen and even the best-laid plans fall through. Furthermore, even the most amicable of divorces can still be costly. Saving money now can help ease the financial burden associated with the process of getting divorced.

You should also work on getting the necessary paperwork in order. Paperwork that will be necessary to have on hand during the divorce process can be voluminous, to say the least. Getting things in order earlier rather than later will help ensure that you have everything you need and will be able to access them when the need arises. The necessary paperwork can include things such as bank account statements and loan documents as well as property titles and deeds and other financial account information. Relevant documentation will not just be limited to marital assets, but will also include marital liabilities. This means gathering documentation about things like car loans and credit card debt.

Take a close look at your financial situation and start developing a working budget for after you are divorced. The financial transition from married life to single life can be jarring. Budgeting for a single-income household where you alone are carrying the expenses can be critical to thriving post-divorce. Getting your finances in order, reviewing your credit score, and looking at your budget for after your divorce should be among the top items on your divorce prep to-do list.

Discussing the divorce with your spouse, and then with your children, will also need to be on your divorce. Having an open pathway of communication will serve your family well during this difficult transitional time. Making time to address questions and concerns can help ease any fear or anxiety family members may be experiencing.

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